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Hello everyone I hope that all is well with you. i have a question? My appetite is not good. I find myself going just about the whole day without eating anything. I figure after taking my insulin i would be hungry or a little sick. Nothing. My BS is around 110 - maybe 130. This morming i took my insulin waited awhile and took my BG and it was 143. i just realized that I had not eaten anything and i wasn't hungry. Is this normal? I take insulin twice a day I am suppose to take metformin 500 mg twice a day. I don't because it makes me sick if i do.
thank runthe

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RAYT721 2010-05-26 16:43:25 -0500 Report

Now I must say that I am not on medication relating to diabetes but I would think that eating and/or not eating may be more emotional than chemical or medicational (if that's a word… spell check doesn't like it). Are you depressed, bored or super busy that you aren't thinking of meals when you should be. One thing that I have learned in my weight loss is the importance of eating breakfast. Oh, yeah, I am a former cup of coffee with lots of sugar breakfast person (that was it) into a militant nazi gotta eat something… anything… for breakfast person. It's working. I may not want to eat (lazy, tired, rushing out the door) but I do… and you should do.

Food is energy. Yup, even carbs. You need some. You need carbs, fat, protein, calories, etc. Your mind may not want food and your body may not think it wants food but it does.

I think it's important to suggest you discuss the medication with your doctor. Find an alternate. Find an answer.

I just wonder if you are depressed that food has no meaning (or are you desperately in love???) … I am sure that alot of us have different feelings about food than we used to for whatever reason. My issue is snacking like crazy. I may have a handful of nuts and an hour later have an 80 calorie yogurt. I'm losing weight as a result. You'd think I would look like Jabba the Hutt.

Every body (and everybody) is different but I think your issues should be addressed to a medical doctor instead of to a crazy bald fat middle aged man like me. :)

Keep us posted!!!

Harlen 2010-05-26 13:58:38 -0500 Report

If you dont eat while on insulin your liver will dump sugar into your blood srteam this is what will make it go up
the thing for me was to make time for little snacks
vegies and such this helped me
Best wishes

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