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I'm looking for the ARKRAY X-METER. I found One place but the guy wants to charge me $45 to ship it. I live in Hawaii and UPS and FedEx shipping is a ripoff coming from the Continental US. So, I spoke to the guy who does shipping and he said he's ship it USPS for $40. I was like !!!?!?!?!??!?!? Hello, a meter kit weighs like 1 pound or less and I wanted 2 and 2 boxes of strips. I told him a flat rate USPS box was $8.90 or $12.90 depending on the size. Well, basically the guy was how should i say it…not nice at all. $40 for shipping which would cost him what, $15 at the most? I don't want to do business with a company inflating their shipping prices. If he said sorry UPS only $45 then fine, but USPS Priority Mail $40, then i knew he was just ripping me off. Well anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of where to get this meter and strips at a good price and if anyone had any experience with this meter. It looks really cool and the specs look really good too. Its the ARKRAY Glucocard X-Meter if you want to look it up. Looks like the iPod of glucose meters. I'd love to get his meter, even if it doesn't work out, it would be good for my "collection". Also, anyone have any experience with the Bionime Rightest GM300 meter? Looks pretty cool too. The strip has to go through the key card which has a slot in it. Kind of neat if you ask me and the strip looks like it's sideways with the testing area on the side of the strip. Another one I want for my collection, that one I can get but just wanted to know if anyone had any experience and comments or feedback for this or the other meter. So, If anyone knows where to get the X-meter, let me know please…thanks!


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Stephen146 2012-08-01 01:41:07 -0500 Report

I just got one free with 50 strips for 19.99 and evenfree delivery at diabeticcare.com. Not sure about HI though, may be a bit higher. Good luck and i Hope that is what you were looking for, i just got them and tried them tonight, they work well.

ahearnrn 2008-08-27 02:59:16 -0500 Report

Ryan: I work for Arkray, glad you like our X Meter. May I ask how you found out about us?
I can get some meters/strips to you and then a contact list of distributors, where do I send meters/strips?

Ryan 2008-08-27 12:08:13 -0500 Report

i found it on mendosa.com in a list of diabetic meter companies. i found it for really cheap but like i said the guy was a creep and wanted to charge me 40 something bucks to ship 2 meters and 2 boxes of strips. is sounds good and i sort of have a collection of meters. i like to stay on top of whatever is new and nobody has really heard of it so I wanted to be one of the first to try it out, and if it didn't give me the results i wanted, into my collection pile it goes. Well, i saw some places selling it for like 65 bucks. i never pay more than 25 bucks for a meter since everyone knows money is made on the test strips. If you have any resources, please let me know.

Goddess 2008-08-18 14:54:30 -0500 Report

I'm using Stevia. A little more higher but a lot sweeter.

Ryan 2008-08-24 11:25:45 -0500 Report

GOOD! use stevia, read up on it as it seems to have positive effects for diabetics. Look it up on google or naturalnews.com. I would stay away from splenda from what I've been reading. Also, iherb.com sells stevia in a big arse jug for pretty cheap. I've had the same bottle since last october and it's still more than half full. I'd say it was a pound for like 70 bucks compared to 15 bucks an ounce at the local health food store I visit.

Ryan 2008-08-24 11:27:55 -0500 Report

OOPS my mistake it was $66+change for 1 lb of stevia at iherb.com.


thats the link for the product.
or you can go to
to get the 100% natural stevia thats just the powdered leaves with the fibrous stuff still inside. it's green and doesn't mix too well with liquid but it is straight from the plant with no "processing" except for the powdering process and its certified organic too I believe.

Goddess 2008-08-18 13:47:23 -0500 Report

What do you use instead of aspartame?

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poni62 2008-09-06 11:26:33 -0500 Report

In our group that is trying to get aspartame out of our foods and drinks here in Hawaii we learned that Splenda contains
chlorine. So, stevia is the only alternative not causing any health problems.

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poni62 2008-08-18 08:45:24 -0500 Report

I did a we search abd found a direct hit to the company. so, try typing the name into your search engine.
I read the hyp on this meter and honestly, except for response time can't see the hype of it. I just got a Breeze from Bayer and I love it. It has the disc for the strips (10 to a disc) so I don't have to carry those just the disc and it has a fast enough response time
Available thru www.BayerDiabetes.com free meeter and
started test strips. If you have medicare they will bill them, I haven't paid for any of it. Which island are you on- I'm on Molokai.
Are you aware of the aspartame poison? Here on Molokai we are starting our campange again to rid the islands of this horrible substance. If you are interested let me know.

Ryan 2008-08-24 11:19:25 -0500 Report

Hey Poni,
I got the Breeze 2 also. It was like 11 bucks at Costco and came with a disc. If you like the convenience of having a bunch of strips held in the meter, I would suggest checking out the new Accu-chek compact plus. Their drum holds 17 strips and their lancing device the Softclix, can be attached or taken off and is an excellent lancing device. The meter, has a lit up LCD type display with bright yellow numbers and the meter looks "cool". It gives very consistent results as compared to my main meter except it follows almost exactly 20 points low. It could be that it is calibrated for "whole blood" glucose results instead of "plasma calibrated" like my Aviva and Presto. I'm not sure what the Breeze2 is calibrated for since it's been a while since I used it. It's in my "meter graveyard". I picked up the ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus at wal-mart for 17 bucks. I know you don't have a Wal-Mart on Molokai, but if you like, and I see it for cheap again , I can pick one up for you and sent it to you. You do have to admit though, the X-meter does look pretty cool huh? Hopefully, when i do get it, I find it to be very accurate and consistent with it's readings, but for now, I'm happy with my new toy, my Presto from Agamatrix. The strips for the compact plus can be gotten for pretty cheap if you got to healthwarehouse.com or overstockdrugstore.com or maybe even otcwholesale.com Healthwarehouse offers free shipping no matter what you spend even to hawaii. But if you have insurance or medicare then i'm sure you get them free. I have medicare(just started) but have yet to go to the Dr. for a new Rx since I still have some strips from when I had HMSA but they didn't pay for enough so I bought a whole bunch of them out-of-pocket. We'll see how Medicare covers my supplies and how much since I test very often, like 10+ times a day. I doubt they'll pay for that. I've heard of people getting more of their supplies paid for by medicare, I just don't know how they did it. well I dont have regular medicare anyway its a Medicare Advantage plan. Hmmmm…any comments on that?

Ryan 2008-08-24 11:06:03 -0500 Report

Thanks for all the responses. I just thought the meter looked cool, and the specs seemed good enough. I just wanted to try it and if it didn't work out I'd just add it to my "meter graveyard". I did however, get 2 Agamatrix Presto Meters which I really love so far.
I'm on Oahu. I don't like aspartame after reading and studying on it's effects. I use stevia exclusively as a sweetener. I stay away from Splenda/Sucralose as it's apparently made from sugar and chlorine(a known carcinogen). For more info go to Naturalnews.com and search for splenda. It's worse than aspartame as for as I can tell by what I've been reading and don't take me for the conspiracy theory type, but it is true it hasn't really been tested thoroughly. A lot people and consumer protection groups feel that Splenda came on the market too quickly, and from what I've been reading, they'll only pull it off the shelves when people start to get sick. Some have called it the "clinical trials on the entire US population". Like I said, this is just from what I've read in the past several months so don't take it as a fact. Look it up and see for yourself. Naturalnews.com is an excellent resource for people who want to learn about healing themselves naturally and I've taken on to some of what I've discovered through that site with great results, for example my blood sugar. It was consistently around 250, A1C 14.2, even though I ate no candies, cakes, and other "bad foods". Now I'm off my diabetes meds and my BG level is pretty stable around 110-125 during the day and fasting around 100 give or take a few points. This is without exercise due to my fibromyalgia, but just the simple nutritional and herbal "help" I got browsing that site has really turned my diabetes into something I know I can control myself without drugs. The fibromyalgia, I am still working on. When I started visiting naturalnews.com, I decided to work on my Diabetes first since Diabetes will kill you and as far as I know, Fibromyalgia, as crappy as it makes you feel, won't. Well, again, thanks for the replies, and yes Poni, I'd like to rid everywhere of aspartame and Splenda.

poni62 2008-09-06 11:24:08 -0500 Report

Mahalo for your offer. At this time I am working directly with Bayer and they are mailing me the supplies.