How to differentiate between low and high feelings?

By Katie17 Latest Reply 2010-05-26 11:15:47 -0500
Started 2010-05-24 17:10:01 -0500

I've been having lows for quite some time, a couple years. They get worse over time. Now it seems like I'm having "high" blood sugars. Its a sick feeling, but different than the "low" feeling I always used to get. I'm getting the low feeling less often, and what I want to call the "high" feeling more often. What does this mean, and how can you tell the difference, based on how you feel.

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Emma2412 2010-05-26 11:15:47 -0500 Report

I find I still can't differentiate between the two sometimes. Sometimes it feels like it's low, but it turns out to be high. I take readings all day long on those days.

Katie17 2010-05-25 14:20:55 -0500 Report

well today i went to the doc and she told me that by the time i check my bs, the ephornephrin will kick in and it won't be low anymore. But my a1c dropped too, down to 4.8, which is bad becuz it had been going up, it was 5.1 a few months ago. Sooo she put me on cortisal which is supposed to make my bs more stable. Its one week on, and one week off, so we'll see if it helps. She just kept saying that when i feel low, im prob not actually low, and vice versa when im high. I don't know how she knows this, but whatever…

gwen-g 2010-05-25 10:27:13 -0500 Report

mine is going crazy at times to. use to i could work out and my sugar would go down. now after i work out it is high. so i have to check it more

GabbyPA 2010-05-25 10:04:11 -0500 Report

Your meter will be your only true measure (at least before you hit the floor) I have had a feeling that I thought I was going low and I was high instead. So sometimes my symptoms get confusing. So if I am feeling funny, I test.

Here is a good video on how a low feels:

Here is a good video on how a high feels:

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