Trying to lose weight

By PegM Latest Reply 2010-06-13 22:44:38 -0500
Started 2010-05-24 10:05:39 -0500

I am having a horrible time trying to lose weight. Doesn't seem to matter what I do. Any body have ideas? Anything that has worked for you? Finding support to lose as well.

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notgatorbait 2010-06-13 22:44:38 -0500 Report

I used to focus on the weight. My trainer told me to get rid of the scale and focus only on way my body is changing. She also told me to try different exercises. Mix thinks up & use different muscles. Try dance, weights, treadmill. swimming. Just the smallest changes make a big difference!

GabbyPA 2010-05-24 10:58:26 -0500 Report

Hi Peg,

I am on a plateau right now, but what helped me loose weight was not focusing on loosing weight. I concentrated on getting my Blood sugar levels down and all the things that I did to do that, helped me lose over 60 pounds. I have a lot more to go, but I know when I concentrate on my weight, it hangs around.

Exercise is the over mentioned and most ignored help. But it really does make a huge difference. Even just walking for about 30 minutes a day will get things rolling. I am now going to be attending aquasize classes and I know that will help me tone and get my metabolism going. I have been gardening, but now that the garden is requiring only a little maintence, I have to find something else to do. Just get your body moving. It is great for your levels and great for your body.

The other thing that happens is that we become a number in our own minds. Do I weigh the right amount, is my sugar level too high, did my A1c come in good? All of these numbers are just tools. They should help guide you to better health. I know when I am concentrating on getting my BG levels in line, the rest will follow.

There are several discussions that are support for wanting to do something with a group.

Or you can start one of your own. Rally the troops and make it happen.

PegM 2010-05-24 13:22:40 -0500 Report

Wow! Thank you so much! I have been starting to get more exercise by walking. I had surgery in December on my shoulder from when I fell in June of last year. I have been in physical therapy for a year and it has not allowed me to do things that I want to so I am finally starting to be able to walk. Thank you for the support connections that will help me so much.

GabbyPA 2010-05-24 13:30:17 -0500 Report

Surgery can really set us back. It's good that you are walking and getting started. What I find is that as I do my little bit and it grows into little successes, then it grows into more inspiration. Edies post on exercise and diet needs some new blood in it, so in helping yourself, you will be encouraging others as well.

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