walking the hallways alnight long

By josephine5213 Latest Reply 2010-06-03 09:06:24 -0500
Started 2010-05-24 09:39:53 -0500

OMG!!! last night I could not sleep for nothing I toss and turn all night and still nothing, Had to be awake at 5:30am to get the kids ready for school.

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sunny13 2010-06-01 07:24:35 -0500 Report

I can't sleep either. I was told it was because of the fibromyalgia and ageing. I haven't tried the melatonin, guess I will get sometoday and see if I have a better night. My Dr. keeps trying to put me on antidepresants and anti psychotics to help me sleep and I wondered if there was something more natural. Thank you.

petals 2010-06-03 09:06:24 -0500 Report

you are welcome. Your body naturally produces melatonin, some of us just have low a supply of it. I have fibromyalgia too!

Emma2412 2010-05-26 11:53:16 -0500 Report

Sometimes I can't sleep either. I don't knokw why. It's just that on those nights my mind just won't stop thinking! Like Petals says, try melatonin. It's a natural substance. Don't sleep with a night light. It's important for melatonin production.

petals 2010-05-24 22:04:12 -0500 Report

I had two nights in a row like that, sometimes my mind will not shut up!! And then there is the pain. Like Gabby I take melatonin, most of the time it does work for me. I also have fibromyalgia so sometimes the pain wins. It says on the box of tylenol pm and several others do not take if you have diabetes. Gabby , that may be way you feel so bad after taking them.

GabbyPA 2010-05-25 09:14:06 -0500 Report

wow, I did not know that...I will have to check that out. I used to take a single pill to help me sleep and that is okay, but if I take the whole dose, 2 pills. OMG. The next day I am guaranteed to have an emotional outburst of some kind. Usually the crying kind. It is freaky! I am not good with any drowsy medicines. Thank you for the tip, I never thought to look at that. I don't have the box, but the bottle of mine does not have a diabetic warning, but I am going to look next time I'm in the grocery store.

petals 2010-05-25 20:16:08 -0500 Report

I was going to try the tylenol pm until I read the box!! I put it back quick! I have a habit of reading all OTC boxes and the prints that come with my meds., went I get a new one. I try to be very careful. So, when you are in the store read the box.

GabbyPA 2010-05-26 09:57:07 -0500 Report

I need to do the same. I used to do it for my asthma, and I know what I can't take with that. I forget about interactions with my diabetes sometimes.

petals 2010-05-26 10:39:57 -0500 Report

It's easy to forget sometimes. I have a long list of meds. that I had bad reactions to and can't take, that is why I read everything!

Emma2412 2010-05-26 11:51:13 -0500 Report

Oh, Petals. I'm sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia. I know someone with that and it's terrible. I used to take melatonin but sort of forgot about it. I'll have to get some again. It does work, I know that.

petals 2010-05-29 00:54:43 -0500 Report

You are right fibromyalgia is terrible, but things could be worse. I am having a bad night tonight, the pain is off the charts, I just keep telling myself that this to shall pass.

GabbyPA 2010-05-24 13:41:09 -0500 Report

I get those a lot because my mind is overactive. In the winter, my neuropathy in my feet bugs me too. The more I think about it, the worse it gets. Something that helps me is melatonin. I take 1/3 to 2/3 of a dose and that usually helps me fall asleep on those nights when my brain runs the show. It takes about 30 minutes to kick in, so if I know I am headed for a long night, I take it about half an hour before going to bed. I used to use PM meds, but they make me a mess the next day. I found that if I take a dose of Tylenol PM the next day I am guaranteed an emotional break down. Not worth it. Melatonin has no side effects and does the job for me.

Ms. Jann
Ms. Jann 2010-05-24 11:02:32 -0500 Report

I too have those nights…mine come with the night sweats and steady thoughts of how I will get through tomorrow. Hopefully you can rest while the kids are at school.

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