skipped a breath

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Started 2010-05-24 09:31:10 -0500

sometimes I feel like I cant take a breath it feels like I need to yawn but it dose not want to come out it is a very ugly feeling it makes me feel like I cant breath for a second or two.Does anyone else have this problum,I been to the doctor took tests all came back good.

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DJackwon 2011-06-11 13:15:12 -0500 Report

Might want to ask your PCP to have a sleep study done, and a PFT (Pulmonary function test) for your oxygen sat levels. You could have a form of sleep apnea, or be like me who when I sleep my oxygen saturation level goes down, it also could be something simple like allergies. Allergies, copd, asthma or even panic attacks can cause that feeling also.

I would say talk the symptoms over with your Dr, ask him or her about the possible testing and go for it. If you know what your facing, the fear does get smaller, and then again…it might be nothing at all. All things I mentioned above are easily correctable, so do not let my liteny of possibilities frighten you. Definately not my intent.

Regards and give an update on your findings

- Debbie -

GabbyPA 2010-05-24 13:43:15 -0500 Report

I don't get that during my waking hours. Sleep Apnea is like that, but usually at night or while sleeping. That has to be frightening, no breathing is not a good feeling.