Treating high blood-glucose levels

By Sugbob Latest Reply 2010-05-21 20:16:56 -0500
Started 2010-05-17 21:06:42 -0500

I have read enough about low blood glucose treatment that I feel comfortable about taking glucose tablets, orange juice, etc., but have no idea on what to do if my blood sugar level is too high. What is a good reliable and easy method for treating high sugar levels in my blood?


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Zimoss 2010-05-21 20:16:56 -0500 Report

drink a lot of water and exercise.

If your blood sugar gets over 400 or if you ever see a meter reading of "hi" go to the ER as you are too high and need medical attention.

Emma2412 2010-05-20 11:57:03 -0500 Report

I agree with Jeannie. I walk when it's too high, which with me since I've started taking the Estroven OTC hormone replacement therapy pill (I've had menopause), is usually only around 170, 180. It doesn't take long for me to get to 100 +/- very soon. Besides, I love to walk.

ginarb37 2010-05-20 00:40:14 -0500 Report

I take three types of insulin here lately, so I do rely on them to much on them i know sometime, SO I got one of those Gazzels that I can excerise on for about 30 mins a day or more. JUst depends on how much pain im in during the day. :)

MAYS 2010-05-17 22:03:12 -0500 Report

I agree with Roy, walking is the easiest way to get in some type of physical workout to lower your high glucose level, it also helps your cells to become less resistant to insulin.

Exercise or any type of physical activity is great, just monitor your levels and drink plenty of water, also monitor your blood pressure and pulse rate.


Roy531 2010-05-17 21:15:09 -0500 Report

Exercise is good and drinking lots of water sometimes help. Mostly I walk to keep mine down and if it goes up I walk, my boss doesn't care for it too much cause when I walk at work I go by his door and I have noticed he gets up and shuts his door after about the 5th time I pass his office. He's never said anything about it so far

Dennis1963 2010-05-17 21:32:47 -0500 Report

Lol, darn that is funny. Hey, let me know if he does say something eventually.

Exercise works for me if it is in the 200's, well sometimes. But when it is high I feel kinda sluggish and don't want to exercise. I will have to try the walking thing.

Roy531 2010-05-17 21:50:19 -0500 Report

It has always worked for me, I have walked up to a hour and half at work. I think he understands why I do it. I also Have a treadmill at home and walk every night usually 3.5 miles in a hours time sometimes will go over a hour if the movie I'm watching is good, have a DVD player in the computer so I can watch movies while I walk. I have been walking at work for several years.

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