Diabetic alert tattoos

Patty johnson
By Patty johnson Latest Reply 2010-06-01 22:05:51 -0500
Started 2010-05-16 07:22:32 -0500

I am not the type to wear jewelry much and have been toying with the idea of designing my own ALERT TATTOO.
Wondering, does anyone out there have one? I brought the subject up in my dibetes education class and the educator thought it was a great idea. Yes, I will go to a reputable tat shop so all is on up the up and up.

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RAYT721 2010-05-16 19:23:32 -0500 Report

It sounds like a great idea but I cringe when I take my glucose reading with one needle. I could not imagine getting a tattoo. I would, however, consider a rubber stamp though maybe with permanent ink. Something other than "paid," "received," or "faxed."

NCBarb 2010-06-01 22:05:51 -0500 Report

Oh, that's too funny! I love the rubber stamp idea! hehehehe
I have a phobia about needles - crazy considering the daily testing! LOL
I fantasize about tats, but will never get one *shivers*

GabbyPA 2010-05-16 09:58:08 -0500 Report

Here is a member who had a great one. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions/1235-tattoo

There are also many other discussion on it. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions?query=tattoo

I think it is a great idea. You can lose a bracelet, but unless you are dismembered, it will be with you in a time of need. Do be very careful with the shop you choose, but I do think it is good. We joked in one of the other ones, that if they find a cure for it, we can just cross it out like an old boyfriend's name. LOL

Patty johnson
Patty johnson 2010-05-16 16:44:38 -0500 Report

That's funny! It would be my one and only tattoo. I hear it really really hurts!

GabbyPA 2010-05-17 08:39:27 -0500 Report

My husband has two, my step-daughter has 5...I am the hold out in the family. The pain really depends on a couple of things. Your tolerance and where the tattoo is done. If you have one done, do it on a fleshy part of your body, not a bone or a hyper sensitive area. Also if you do a small one it is not so bad, but if it has a lot of fine lines that are close together it tends to hurt a bit.

I have been seriously thinking of doing one because I did loose my bracelet. It popped off and broke where I could not fix it. I just need to get a new one, but a tattoo is going to stick around.

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