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Started 2010-05-14 18:46:11 -0500

does anyone know if the AARP MEDICARE Complete Secure Horizons (united healthcare) covers the omnipod. my doc has me thinking about a pump again but i do not want the pump that has the tubes. I use to be on it, it was ok, but i was tired of people asking me questions or asking if i am carrying a beeper.
Any advise welcomed..

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Tina Griffin
Tina Griffin 2010-06-19 21:30:05 -0500 Report

Make sure you ask them about the pod's to. we called and asked they cover the handheld but when we reorder pods there out of network.

monkeymama 2010-05-14 22:23:42 -0500 Report

Hello there Germaine! The best thing you could do is either contact your insurance or call who makes Omnipod and they can tell you if they will cover it for you. If you are really interested in being placed on the Omnipad and the insurance company will pay for it for you. The insulin pump companies are getting really good about handling all of the rest in getting it to go through your insurance. Usually all they will ask at first is you to fill out this paper. They will call your doctor and get the script for the pump. Than they go and do the rest. If there are any further questions or issues they'll call you. Hope this helps you out here. :)

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