What is your feelings of the Artkin's Diet?

By CutiePie2 Latest Reply 2010-08-03 13:07:47 -0500
Started 2010-05-13 22:51:41 -0500

A freiend told me I should go on the Artkins diet? I don't know. Isn't some carbs ok when you have type 2?

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allie4123 2010-08-03 13:07:47 -0500 Report

I agree, if you are a diabetic, ask your doctor. I use some of the Atkins info, but I would not go on it totally. It will deprive you of nutrients you need. I do find the Atkins bars and such are great for snacking once in a while, as they are very low net carbs. Be careful.

GabbyPA 2010-05-14 14:18:52 -0500 Report

Friends can be well meaning, but they are not doctors. Well, either are we, but we have diabetes, so our advice comes from a different place.

Balance, balance, balance. That is what every person should be doing. You have to find the right balance for you. We all have additional issues to consider like our cholesterol, triglycerides, and weight. A high protein low carb diet sounds like it should work, but you don't want high protein as a diabetic. Our kidneys are at risk and high protein is not a good road for most of us. The way I see it, we don't need a special diet. Everyone could benefit from eating like we are supposed to. Limit our simple sugars, increase our leafy greens, add more veggies and whole fruits, get in the good fats, careful with dairy and proteins, keep fiber and whole grains as part of a balanced way of eating. More raw foods, less cooked foods and as few processed foods as you possibly can.

Skip is an exception and he has had great success following a similar plan. But I am sure he has modified it as well to fit with his diabetes.

RAYT721 2010-05-14 11:20:53 -0500 Report

I am not overly familiar with the Atkins diet because I firmly believe in following the RAYT721 diet. Part of my diet is to have Atkins Daybreak Bars in the morning and they have like 3 g net carbs so Atkins cannot be a NO carb diet. When it comes to choosing what to eat or not eat, your body needs carbs and protein and fat and calories and vitamins. You'll go stark raving mad if you try to eliminate everything from your diet because you'll only be licking lettuce (if you have enough energy to open your mouth). You can lower your carbs from a high carb diet but stay clear of a no carb diet and meet yourself in the middle where you can eat what you like and actually like what you eat. Dieting is a journey, not a destination. Take baby steps!

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