Microsoft Health Vault (FREE) Data Storage

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Here is something that may interest you !

You should be able to use your health information wherever and whenever you want. You should be able to share it with whoever you want and decide what they can see and can’t. HealthVault can help you do that.

HealthVault offers you a way to store health information from many sources in one location, so that it’s always organized and available to you online.

HealthVault is working with doctors, hospitals, employers, pharmacies, insurance providers and manufacturers of health devices – blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors and more – to make it easy for you to add information electronically to your HealthVault record.

With a more complete picture of your family’s health, you can work with your healthcare professionals, and with all the Web sites that connect with HealthVault, to make more informed decisions.

It also works with Home Diagnostics Brand of Blood Glucose Meters (very economical) to store your blood glucose meter readings for analytical and cross reference viewing.

I will do a product review on these items in the near future.


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