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I couldn't find a topic where this would fit well so I started a new one. After several months of false starts, I finally began pumping Monday 5/10. So far, my BG's have been running a little high but my diabetic nurse practitioner believes that I just need a little fine-tuning. Of course, that's much better than extremely low sugars. I was very pleasantly surprised at the ease and comfort of the catheter insertion. I just hope to do as well the next time, unsupervised. Any experienced pumpers out there are very welcome to assist this newbie.

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Elrond 2010-05-12 20:45:30 -0500 Report

Well, I just struggled through my first catheter change by myself. I wound up calling Medtronic for assistance but I'll know better next time. I forgot to get the air out of the tubing before 'plugging in'. It turns out to have a simple cure but I panicked. My sugar has been running high all day and I'm not sure if I need to adjust my basil rate or if the insulin in the pump went bad from heat exposure. (It's very warm here.) Another possibility was a blocked site so I changed catheters a trifle early. My sugar has dropped considerably since the change so we'll see what the future brings.

Harlen 2010-05-12 11:52:36 -0500 Report

I love my pump and you will get it down There is so much to know lol I was lost for a little while lol.One of the things that became impotant was my skin I was having a bad reaction to the adhesive so I had started to use skin-tak and that saved me from lots of pain and ugly looking spots where the inset was
Best wishes

monkeymama 2010-05-12 11:00:43 -0500 Report

Hello there Elrod! Congratulations on your new journey with your pump. I know you will love it and never want to go back to injections. I have been a insulin pumper now over 2 years now. Here is a few tips from one pumper to another:
1. If you see a little blood in your line. Don't worry, that is okay and may happen.
2. If you turn black & blue with a catheter change. Don't worry, it may happen.
3. Make sure you have extra supplies with you. You will never know when you may accidentally lose your catheter. Along with the possibility of batteries going dead unexpectedly.

I also have two books that I use along with my pump to help me carb count my foods while I am out and in case there is a food that does not have a label (or making something homemade). Calorie King and Nutrition in the Fastlane are two awesome gifts to me as a pumper. There will come times where you may need to be tweeked with your pump too. Our body is always changing and may needs changes from time to time. The other important thing is to be honest while your on the pump. Don't be afraid to be as normal as everyone else. Bets of wishes to you in your journey with your pump. I look at my pump as a donor pancreas and a part of me & who I am. If you have questions, I am here to try to help. :)

GabbyPA 2010-05-12 08:28:01 -0500 Report

Congratulations, you are joining a growing group of diabetics and that is exciting. I am very interested in how it progresses and I hope you will continue to share with us.

MAYS 2010-05-12 07:46:54 -0500 Report

I'm glad to hear that you have your pump and that you have it up and running.


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