A1Cs, blood testing and Type 1 Diabetes

Melissa Dawn
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Despite having diabetes for over 14 years now, I've never had an A1C below a 7. I've never had one over an 8 (that I know of), but I've learned (sadly, only within the last couple of years) that an A1C below a 7 or 6 is desired.

I've gone to the insulin pump and I test pretty frequently.. I've started measuring my foods out more carefully as of late (scales and the like). I try to exercise regularly, but know its an area I can improve.

What are your A1Cs like? What have you found works for you? Is it possible to achieve a great A1C without being "perfect"?

On the same line of thinking, how often do you test? My doctor acted like 6 times a day was a lot, but I don't feel its unreasonable for me to want to test 8-10 times a day (before each meal, 2 hours after each meal, plus before bed, and an occasional other test throughout the day). Is it reasonable for me to ask for a prescription that allows for me to test that frequently?

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts and tactics. For those with Type 2 diabetes, feel free to respond as well, but I urge you to say you're type 2. The two types are so different that I'm admittedly (sorry) more interested in those with Type 1 at the moment.


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