Gotta have my Bread!!

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I just can't seem to go without bread! I gotta have it. I eat pasta once a month but my bread is almost everyday! I have no will power I gotta have my bread!

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flipmom 2013-01-17 11:59:09 -0600 Report

bread to you as in rice to me… although I did replaced my sweet and decadent white rice with plain brown rice and parboiled rice because they say they both have a low glycemic index…i wanna try the basmati rice next since i found that it has a more lower glycemic index…

Okiedude 2012-01-21 14:17:10 -0600 Report

You need to get "Stone Ground Wheat Bread" which is NOT the same thing as everyday, run-of-the-mill wheat bread. It has the lowest carbohydrate content of all the breads. Here in Oklahoma, Crest Foods offers their own label or Great Grains has a product as well (smaller loaf for more money). Wal-Mart used to have their own version, as well, but supply has become "spotty" in this area.

jigsaw 2011-12-19 18:17:33 -0600 Report

For many years, i stayed on a low carb diet. No bread, no pasta, and no simple carbs except on that rare occasion that I cheated. Within the last year I spoke with a dietician that toatally disagreed with low carb diets. They can help to control your bg and a1c, but at the expense of needed nutrients. (Her opinion mind you) So, and for many reasons I decided to take her advice! I watch my portion size carefully and currently eat a healthy low fat but balanced diet. I now bake my own whole grain breads, whole grain pizza, and whole wheat pasta!!! My bgs are still well controlled as is my a1c @ 6.1 after about 1 year of my new diet. I'm in heaven, and if all this good food in small quantity kills me prematurely, I already know where I'm going, heaven, I'm already there!!!!

jayabee52 2011-12-19 18:45:28 -0600 Report

I am glad you are in heaven. However if one eats wisely on a LOW carb menu plan I don't think you would be missing needed nutrients. I suspect the dietician was confusing NO carb with low carb. I get my carbs through my non-starchy Veggies and my lower carb fruits (mainly berries). My menu has passed muster by a RD. I am not sure what nutrients I would be missing!

jigsaw 2011-12-19 19:21:18 -0600 Report

Not knocking, or criticizing low carb diet! I was on a low carb diet, with success for 16 years. I have no idea what a NO carb diet is since as far as I know, most non-processed foods have have some sort of carb. My dietician as well as the diabetic team that she is on are very familiar with low carb diets. The team includes a few endos, dieticians and diabetic educators. There was no confusion on anyones behalf. Simply put, different diets can benefit different people! Also, there are different professional opinions on the subject. In all do respect, I'd be happy to discuss it in detail if you would like. It would take at least a few paragraphs to say it in depth including why I changed diets.
My low carb diet( no olonger on it) included salads with more low carb & low starch veges, more then I can remember. Also included was poultry, mainly chicken and some cheese. I also take various supplements as approved by my medical team. I had fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.
all low on the glycemic index. Through out my 16 years on a low carb diet, my bgs and a1c mostly stayed within healthy range.

Young1s 2011-12-19 17:24:02 -0600 Report

I know exactly how you feel. When I found out I was diabetic, I just knew foods and recipes that I love to cook, were a thing of the past. But once my BG levels came down and I had a better understanding of what foods spike me, I found that could enjoy them with minor variations and moderate use. Beleive me when I tell you that pasta and bread was on the top of the list of foods to be tested first.

jayabee52 2011-12-19 17:11:12 -0600 Report

Howdy CC!
My story is much like that of Skip T's

To manage my BG levels without the use of insulin or diabetes meds I decided to discontinue eating breads of any type and also pastas. I've been doing that since Feb 2011.

My A1c is 5.5, been maintaining my BG levels at or close to the normal range, and even lost about 50 lbs.

For me it has been very much worth it not to eat bread & pasta for the results I have been getting!


Mickey/CCHT 2011-12-19 13:14:23 -0600 Report

I'm big on bread also. I find if I stay with the whole grains I'm good. I like the nutty oat breads, tasty and they don't spike my sugars. I'm sure it is different for everybody, that's why you want to watch your numbers to make sure even the whole grain breads don't spike you.

sloane 2011-12-19 09:49:00 -0600 Report

Bread is a big one for me as well; rye bread is a good option. I also make all my sandwiches open faced. Taking out one slice makes a difference and I still have the bread.

jigsaw 2011-12-19 18:37:36 -0600 Report

Same with me ( especially rye ) I bake my own 100% whole grain breads. After not having breads for almost 16 years, you can't imagine how good it is. My specialty is a whole grain no knead onion garlic italian loaf. I f you were here, I'd offer you a slice! Only one small slice mind you !!! Then, I would watch your eyes light up with ecstasy with little change in your bg. It's simply marvelous !!!

Melissa Leonard
Melissa Leonard 2011-12-19 10:25:57 -0600 Report

so whats more important,the amount of sugar in it or the amount of carbs?or is it both?it's all so confusing lol.

Young1s 2011-12-19 18:10:29 -0600 Report

Under the Total Carbs (or following), on most nutritional labels, you will find the grams of Fiber, Sugar and occasionally Other next to each. So yes, the Total Carbs does include the combined carbs, but you will have to use that seperate number to determine the actual amount of grams for each within that Total.

jigsaw 2011-12-19 17:51:48 -0600 Report

As far as I know, sugar is a carb! As a matter of fact, it is 100% carb. It is listed separately in the ingredients because it is an ingredient by itself that is added. So, it is also listed in the total carbs! Because it is a 100% simple carb it will be absorbed quickly into the bloodsteam. A good guide as to how fast a given food will spike ones bg is the glycemic index!

jayabee52 2011-12-19 17:18:46 -0600 Report

the amount of carbs Melisssa. If you note the nutrition information, the "total carbohydrates" includes the sugars. So don't get fooled into thinking the sugars are the only thing that will raise your BG levels. Carbs (except for insoluable fiber) will be precessed — sooner or later — by your body into glucose. The question is how quickly will they be converted into glucose, it depends on what type of carb(simple or complex) and what you ate with that carb.

Leslie S
Leslie S 2011-09-22 18:16:32 -0500 Report

Thanks for the advice!! I was diagnosed two days ago and was FREAKING out about not having bread!!!!! :)

NikkieM76 2011-06-22 10:20:11 -0500 Report

Bread is fine just have it in moderation. Also try to go for wholegrains. I mix it up and have oatmeal, rye, pumpernickel, and then once in a blue moon go for the white bread - be sure to check the carbs also. This is what really hurts us diabetics. I have the weakness for bread and potatoes!!!!

helen7898 2011-06-22 00:58:40 -0500 Report

I love bread too. I just switched over to multi grain rounds . They are flat and only have 23 carbss.. I have toasted it and used it for hamburger buns. I really like the taste and works for me. I just use morning star burgers with it and veggies. It makes a nice burger and to me it tastes like one and i don't feel so deprived. I eat it also in the morning with eggbeaters and mornigstar spicy sausage. Really tasty. I still once in a while crave cornbread so I just eat it once so not to build the craving up so I gorge on it. Works for me. Good Luck

rij061258 2011-06-21 21:30:06 -0500 Report

Bread for me is only a sandwich or breakfast item and not something I have to have everyday. But I have found a bread made by Franz bakery that is only 40 calories and 18 carbs for 2 slices. All other bread whole grain or otherwise doesn't work for me. I had to give up my 12, 15 and 7 grain bread. I spike to high. I'm lucky so far I can eat potatoes as long as it's not french fries and I watch how much I eat at one time. I would hate to have to give them up as well as my sweets that I have given up. Figure I have to have some vice. and would rather it not be stuff high in surgar.

majikinfl 2011-06-21 19:07:28 -0500 Report

I Know the feeling as well. I switched from white to 100% Whole Wheat, I am a Breadaholic. Used to eating 4-6 Slices a day. I too also love pasta and have it a couple times a week. As long as I keep the portion of pasta small does not seem to send my blood sugar up too far. My big down fall is Potatoes.

Patty johnson
Patty johnson 2011-06-21 16:11:26 -0500 Report

I know the feeling had that seperation anxiety with spuds and pasta but not anymore. I rarely have them at all. As far as bread goes I by Brownberry's 12 grain bread and it satisfies my carb need. For sammy's I only use 1 slice. Do you eat whole wheat pasta? It is very good!!!!!!

JoleneAL 2011-06-21 16:03:43 -0500 Report

I have a low carb bread with 20 carbs for 2 slices. I have it every day myself at work for lunch.

elaine52 2011-06-21 15:55:07 -0500 Report

While I've never been much of a bread or pasta person, I find myself wanting bread more often these days, the pasta I can do without, but potatoes…well I like them any and every way you can make them…so they are my weakness.

efevers 2010-12-01 11:25:32 -0600 Report

Hi everyone! I probably eat more bread than I should, but I try to avoid white bread and stick to wheat, pumpernickel, and 'swirl' (combo of rye and pumpernickel). I work at an Entenmann's Bakery, so I'm surrounded by breads, cakes, pies, and donuts every day. My will power ebbs and flows daily as well!

sweets415 2010-12-01 09:27:40 -0600 Report

I am a total bread head too. I try to eat whole grain breads and pita bread most of the time but during the holidays, I have to have a hot roll.

Lady_Phoenix 2010-11-30 23:30:51 -0600 Report

I buy any breads made by Healthy Life. All of them are high in fiber and low in carbs. I eat bread at least twice a day and after 11 years am still diet controlled!

bmwl8dy99 2010-11-30 23:07:48 -0600 Report

hi I'm new here, but I really understand your love of bread. I grew up watching my grandmother and aunt make it by hand almost daily. Just the smell of it makes me want to run for the bottle of jam!!. I have just gotten to the point where I won't eat all 12 rolls by myself. Whew! It has been a long hard fight. But worth it. I had no idea that others had the same fight.

fmcgee 2010-11-30 21:40:15 -0600 Report

I understand that Rye bread is benefitial and you can have 2 slices at 2 to 3 times a week. I have bread in my diet about 3 times a week at two slices each time I like a meaty sandwich.

teresaroom 2010-11-30 20:52:26 -0600 Report

i no had to learn to do with out it cause it has danaged my liver i love my wheat bread its really good but still have to limit it

teresaroom 2010-11-30 20:52:04 -0600 Report

i no had to learn to do with out it cause it has danaged my liver i love my wheat bread its really good but still have to limit it

teresaroom 2010-11-30 20:51:34 -0600 Report

i no had to learn to do with out it cause it has danaged my liver i love my wheat bread its really good but still have to limit it

teresaroom 2010-11-30 20:51:09 -0600 Report

i no had to learn to do with out it cause it has danaged my liver i love my wheat bread its really good but still have to limit it

mistyc 2010-09-15 17:51:58 -0500 Report

Im very new at all this. I dont understand why you cant have bread?

Armourer 2010-12-01 01:03:14 -0600 Report

Most bread is high in carbs, it spikes the sugars big time. For diabetics the best is 100% wheat bread. Yet some diabetics can't even have that, I'm one of them. If I have a sandwich, it must be only one slice. The bread I use is only 17 grams of carb. Like Thanksgiving, choose between a serving of potatoes or a roll, I'll take the roll every time.

SkipT 2010-09-15 16:49:29 -0500 Report

Four years ago I would have said that I couldn't live without bread. My wife actually said that she thought I would put soup between two slices of bread if I could!
But the day I was diagnosed as Type 2; I quit bread (in fact ALL grains and starches) and have never looked back. If fact now when I go through the grocery store the smell of the rolls and bread they make is sort of nauseating to me.
I think that my ability to give up bread stems from my stubbornness. I decided that I was going to take total control of my diabetes, and I have. No meds, and an A1C of 5.5. Well worth what I gave up.

speak up
speak up 2010-09-15 16:23:43 -0500 Report

I always had to have bread now I have switched to English muffins, whole wheat bread was and still is a weakness but I guess if I want levels down I either do without or have a plain dry English muffin.

doorman 2010-09-15 15:31:34 -0500 Report

I myself like like a whole grain white as well as wheat and a good rye. For me moderation is a big help in controling and eating healthy

Kaiyle 2010-09-06 15:19:30 -0500 Report

I'm right there with you. My favorite is Nature's Own Butterbread. It is very delicious, very healthy, and very carb/diabetic friendly.

shaila787 2010-06-12 08:56:35 -0500 Report

I have to have two peices of toast with my egg every morning. At Walmart I found a bread made by Healthy Living, it is a whole wheat low carb bread and it doesn't raise my blood sugar level like other whole bread did.
If you google Healthy Living bread it will come up.

Swbtab03 2010-06-01 11:29:52 -0500 Report

I too am a bread lover of any type, but stay away from ciabetta, it brought me up to 208 on my sugar. I have been sticking to weight watchers whole wheat bread, its hard but if you want to keep those sugars down you need to fight it. Whole wheat, and whole grains will be your best bet, but stay away from white, even a little white hamburger roll brings mine right up.

bace 2010-05-22 12:19:29 -0500 Report

I tend to stick with breads that say 'whole grains', even some of the 'lite' ones..rye bread is lower on the glycemic index.
Love the dreamfields pasta products too!
Another sandwich idea I use sometimes, since I pack a lunch most days for work, is instead of bread, use romaine lettuce hearts , you can stuff them with tuna or chicken salad, or whatever you may like! cheese, sliced peppers, careful with lunchmeats but still…great substitute for sandwiches!

Judimar 2010-09-15 16:46:38 -0500 Report

I LOVE Dreamfields pasta… that's the only thing I buy now. Wish the store where I shopped carried more of a variety besides spaghetti, rotini and elbow. Still, I'll take it!! :) I've also been using the Flat Out Light flat bread from bestlife. It's 100% stone ground wheat with 90 calories and 16g carbs 0g sugar 1g sugar alcohol and 9g dietary fiber.(I think that makes 6 net carbs if my carb counting is accurate).

Emma2412 2010-05-18 09:06:55 -0500 Report

I've also been reading some of the replies here. I find that simple whole wheat flour in most whole wheat breads is just simply enriched white flour. So, be careful about your selection of bread and read your labels. Just because it says "whole wheat" doesn't mean it's good for the body. Enriched flour is the worst (and that goes for everybody, not just people with diabetes.)

Emma2412 2010-05-18 09:02:50 -0500 Report

I have Type 2 and love bread. I found a wonderful and delicious sprouted whole-grain bread made by Alvarado St. Bakery which now is sold in more and more supermarkets (don't look in the regular bread section, though — look around the deli section or ask Cust. Service. ASBakery also makes other types of bread but the Sprouted Whole-Grain is my favorite because of the wonderful taste. It has 15 gr. carbs and 0 gr. of saturated fat per slice.

Kenny B
Kenny B 2010-05-16 01:14:12 -0500 Report

I eat bread every day also. It just seem as thou you need bread for every meal. I eat Whole Wheat braed, and I try not to eat much of other starches.

imsuzie2 2010-05-15 21:57:25 -0500 Report

I love Dreamfield's pasta's…and buy it when it is on sale, about $2 a box. Have spaghetti, elbow macaroni and I think a rigatoni noodle.

As for bread, I always used Aunt Hattie's which is about 7 yo 9 gm carbs a slice and just recently saw that Sara Lee has a low carb bread that is great tasting. My diabetes instructor likes Wonder Bread's "White Wheat", but I thought it had too many carbs, but forget how many.

In my first diabetes class in '03 or '04, I was told if there was 5 gms of fiber or more, I could subtract it from net carbs. New instructor said only if the fiber is INSOLUBLE FIBER could I subtract it. Thought I would pass that on. Good luck.

rij061258 2011-06-21 21:33:01 -0500 Report

Wonderbread's white wheat has about 20 carbs per slice. That is what my daughter likes. I stay away from it.

JourneySong 2010-05-15 21:08:44 -0500 Report

If you grind your own grain you can make a basic whole grain yeasted bread that will taste better by far than anything you get in the store. Also I find that I need far less of it, because there are only the basic ingredients and nothing weird to mess with my system that's not listed on the label. You might not have known that there are about 150 ingredients allowed in bread that the manufacturer doesn't have to put on the label!

trf2267 2010-05-15 17:17:35 -0500 Report

Winn Dixie have a 100% whole wheat bread with 10g total carbs 2g dietary fiber 1g sugars and only 50 calories that is for one slice of Winn Dixie brand bread

Anonymous 2010-05-15 08:16:36 -0500 Report

I am with you on the bread thing. I have found that Pepperidge Farms makes Deli Flats. The one I have chosen is 100 calories thin rolls, soft 100% whole wheat. The Carbs are 19g with Dietary Fiber 5g and sugar 3g. I really do like it.

FiberAll 2010-05-14 00:06:56 -0500 Report

My answer is to have 'high fiber bread' which makes me not want to eat as much as often and I like bread as often now as in the past, but I am not needing it as much. When my neighbor would offer me her 'low fiber bread' I was hungry all of the time and I ate much more bread. I like sandwiches and I love peanut butter on toast, but I find when I eat pasta with a lot of fiber, I don't get nearly as hungry and I lose weight. I hope all of you can find an answer which helps you do better. I go to the bread store which sells the bread I love for a much better price than the grocery stores sell it for. I found the Cinnamon bread is tasty if you get the right one and it also tastes very good to me although I think it has raisins in it although a neighbor said it has none. You need to look on the ingredients to see if they meet your expectations for bread.

RAYT721 2010-05-12 19:37:34 -0500 Report

After a month of watching what I eat (including bread) I finally broke down over the weekend and had a half of a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. I could hear my arteries harden while I ate it but I needed it badly. I felt that 1/2 was better than a whole and that I hadn't had a slice of bread in weeks. Sometimes you just gotta break the rules … or just bend em a little.

ccritch 2010-05-13 08:40:42 -0500 Report

I know it is bad for us, but sometimes you just have to give in just alittle and not take advantage. I am glad you ate 1/2 and enjoyed.

thanks I appreciate your reply. That puts my mind at peace.

veggie1962 2010-05-13 18:11:59 -0500 Report

I make a recipe for a Philly "steak" salad. Saute onions and peppers, then Tofurky "Philly steak slices" (vegetarian). Top salad greens with the mixture, add shredded mozarella and reduced fat newman's Olive oil/vinegar dressing.

RAYT721 2010-05-17 18:01:53 -0500 Report

I just posted a review on a new product I bought by Pepperidge Farms called Deli Flats. 19 g carbs w/ 5 g fiber. Maybe I can have my bread and eat it too! :) OOPS I just noticed "anonymous" above mentioned the Deli Flats. Thanks, Anonymous!!!

Swbtab03 2010-06-01 11:31:55 -0500 Report

Bad Ray lol, but your in Ohio come to philly for a real cheese steak, if it don't kill us first. This was my everyother day staple cheese steak and fries from my favorite restaurant, since I stopped french fries and soda in January I lost a little over 25lbs now.

Harlen 2010-05-11 19:46:45 -0500 Report

I love bread too I love it as much as I love my wife .
So what I do is have it in the morning when I can burn it off with a work out and I dont have it the rest of the day and I can live with that but if I skip it in the AM I dream of it each and every sec of the day and thats just no good for me.
Best wishes

ccritch 2010-05-13 08:47:02 -0500 Report

Ah! Sometimes we gotta have our bread! I know my husband loves bread but not as much as I do. That sounds like a good idea. My little girl just learned how to ride a bike so we can ride together! Thanks never tought of that! Great! So that means I can eat all the bread I want? Just Kidding! LOL! Thanks again Harlen.

Best regards,


spiritwalker 2010-05-11 15:00:21 -0500 Report

I personally like whole grain wraps. There is a great one available in my area. Its Flat Out-flat bread. It is low carb and comes in a number of choices.

ccritch 2010-05-13 08:51:06 -0500 Report

Really, hmm! what is it called I will have to try it. That sounds great! thanks spiritwalker.

Best regards,


monkeymama 2010-05-11 12:46:03 -0500 Report

Hello there! Here's a little tip to curve this where you can have both your pasta and bread too. My dietician gave me this recommendation to try since I am the same way. Here's a couple of low carb products you might like: Healthy Life Sugar Free 100% Whole Grain Wheat Bread. It tastes great!!! It has 7g of net carbs per slice. For your pasta issue: Dreamfields Pasta. It has about 5g of digestible carbs per serving. It tastes just like regular pasta too. Bon Apettite'

rij061258 2011-06-21 21:43:24 -0500 Report

Word of warning. Not all of us can eat Dreamfields. I can't eat it, it spikes me way over 200on my bg. The only pasta I can eat is whole wheat as long as I watch the amount I eat at one time. @ccritch, just buy a small amount of it and test it before you buy a lot of it. I'm glad I did or I would have had a lot of pasta I couldn't eat. @ Monkeymomma, you are I think the second person to mention that bread. I was disappoint to see it is only sold in stores in the mid east. The good thing is that they sell online. Their prices seem cheaper than what I pay for my bread, so I'm think of ordering some and trying it.

ccritch 2010-05-11 14:09:23 -0500 Report

Thank you so much Monkeymama, I will check into that. As far as the pasta I never heard of it, I will look for it. Sounds great! I don't care what type or kind all pasta is good pasta! THanks

petals 2010-05-11 12:29:26 -0500 Report

I am with Gabby on this, I like the wraps!!

ccritch 2010-05-11 14:13:15 -0500 Report

Thanks Petals, I like some wraps not all some, some are too doughy for me and some are too hard! I am picky with my bread. I do like wraps just some are yuk! I will look into that. Thanks so much

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