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By Ruth54 Latest Reply 2010-06-04 21:46:51 -0500
Started 2010-05-10 09:44:57 -0500

I started a new diet using the book "The Diabetes DTOUR Diet". It is easy to follow so far. Been on it for three weeks and has lost 1 inch in the stomach area. I will have to do more of the exercises that I hate to do LOL. I keep you informed on progress.

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Ruth54 2010-06-04 21:46:51 -0500 Report

Had a back slide during Memorial day but no track again. Slowly but surely I will get the weight down. I am determined to do it for my health and myself.

Ruth54 2010-05-15 12:36:42 -0500 Report

The book is put out by Prevention. It gives you information, start up menus, further menus to choose from, and recipes that you can use. I weighed today and have lost 3 pounds since I started. HURRAY. It is easy to follow and gives you lots of choices.

GabbyPA 2010-05-11 10:32:23 -0500 Report

That is great news. Who puts this book out? It sounds interesting. Are there recipes and lessons in it as well?

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