controling my daibetes

By crappieroy Latest Reply 2010-05-09 15:53:39 -0500
Started 2010-05-08 15:34:16 -0500

It's goes down into the sixties or over 200. Can't find a good in bewteen. Can anyone help me?

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GabbyPA 2010-05-09 15:53:39 -0500 Report

Hi Crappieroy,
How long have you been diagnosed? Sometimes it takes a while to find a happy place.

What kind of meds are you taking? You might want to talk to your doctor about when to take them, sometimes that makes a huge difference.

Are you counting your carbs at your meals? This important information could be what is causing you to go into the 200's. Maybe you are loading a meal and that causes you to spike.

Are your high numbers after a meal? How long after do you test? Usually we peak between 1-2 hours after we eat. To get a more gradual rise in your levels, you could add more fiber or fat to your diet. Those things will help slow down the glucose dump into your blood from a simple carb.

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