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I was recently diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy (excuse me if spelled wrong) and the medication for it is so outrageously high. It is really hard to take care of yourself and take the proper meds when you cannot afford them! Aggravated and Discussted.

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FiberAll 2010-05-07 10:54:48 -0500 Report

I have had pain in my feet and the legs so I took some Alpha Lipoic Acid and although I ran out for financial problems, I don't have nearly as much pain now and that's very good news although I am in the four week testing period of my leg where I got an injury and I am headed for my last test my nurse will give me and then I go back to my doctor for the final word, but the stockings have prevented swelling and my pain is much less now and in fact it has been a lot of the time without any pain which is wonderful since I remember the doctor gave me some dangerous drugs for the pain which worked better with the Circuleg, the dangerous drug alone worked about 10-20% and with the Circuleg it helped about 60-80% and my pain level was as high as 6-9 and with the drug and Vitamin it went down to 2-4 at the most. The biggest problem was my dangerous drug was lifted, polite way to say stolen, and they denied it, twice, I couldn't say since it would have likely looked like I was trying to misuse it since I was afraid of it.

countrygirl59 2010-05-18 22:36:01 -0500 Report

Wow people are so heartless sorry to hear about your meds beting stolen from you!!! I have a question this Alpha lipoic acid is this an otc medication or by prescription only? I would sure like to give it a try.

GabbyPA 2010-05-19 13:43:18 -0500 Report

Alpha Lipoic acid is in the supplement aisle of your local drug store. It doesn't require a prescription.

GabbyPA 2010-05-07 07:41:39 -0500 Report

Oh, neruopathy drives me nuts too. There are some OTC items now, but they too are rather expensive. You can discuss them with your pharmacist.

There are also a couple of websites that offer assistance to people who need help with meds and supplies. Some are if you have insurance others if you don't.

No insurance:

With Insurance:

countrygirl59 2010-05-18 22:43:16 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby for the information but hopefully I have found some insurance that is affordable so hopfully I will be able to get the meds I need. Thanks for the help and suggestion

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