Have you tried these?

By MadCurves Latest Reply 2010-05-06 19:29:28 -0500
Started 2010-05-05 16:31:34 -0500

these programs for meal replacements work- I lost 95 pounds in 3 months and all my friends that tried them also lost weight.

I was on 5 packs a day= 500 calories— the medifast is soy based so does not taste so great
the other has lots of protein and taste like store food to me - its like ur not missing out on anything — they have ALOT of choices for what to eat. I do recommend you either go to the doctor or their centers while on the program- its hard but so worth it when you see the weight dropping— im gonna go back on it again in the next month or so— im excited and cant wait :)

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kdroberts 2010-05-06 19:29:28 -0500 Report

If you ate 500 calories a day of anything you would loose weight. You could also cause some serious damage to your body and cause extreme weight gain when you start eating normally again. Also, eating food that owes its existence to chemical companies and comes from factories has never really appealed to me, I prefer stuff that comes from the farmer.

petals 2010-05-06 18:08:14 -0500 Report

I just don't see how that is safe for a diabetic to do. Where you a diabetic when you did this the first time?

GabbyPA 2010-05-05 18:24:41 -0500 Report

Did you do this while you were diagnosed as a diabetic? These kinds of meal replacements often play poorly with glucose levels.