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i have a question maybe some of you can answer. I have been going to the tanning bed for a while nw, recently i have hear it is not good for diabites to go to the tanning bed. i have no idea why that is or if that is true. it hasn't seemed to affect my diabites any. if anyone has any information to this i woold appreciate it.

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Goddess 2008-10-20 14:36:04 +0200 Report

Some of my meds say the same thing. But I do it anyway.

Pauline B
Pauline B 2008-10-20 17:43:33 +0200 Report

I take meds that also give the warning about sun exposure, but never say WHY. I am just beligerant enough to push the limits to see WHY. I recently was in Mexico which, it turned out, was a shock for my never-burned skin. While the Seattle sun has never burned me, and I don't use sunscreen at home, I shall not compacent when I am in the tropical climates again. Fortunately I didn't blister.

Pauline B
Pauline B 2008-08-17 02:05:01 +0200 Report

I have never heard this admonishment, and when I lived in Alaska getting a tan via the tanning bed before going to Mexico (which is one way we survived the long winters) was the "only" way to prepare. Of course, one has to follow the usual rules and avoid over-exposure, use eye protection, and common sense.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2008-08-16 13:50:28 +0200 Report

I was told years ago by my diabetic DR from the Joslin diabetic center never to use a tanning salon. But also not to stay out in the sun long it would throw my sugar out of wack. His solution was to buy the sunless lotion…(yeah right) try to get that put on evenly.

Goddess 2008-08-16 02:51:21 +0200 Report

Some meds you take have warnings on them about being in the sun too long and not to go to tanning beds. I do it anyway.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-08-12 16:53:20 +0200 Report

As I understand it, the concerns (like so many concerns and warnings for diabetics) are due to circulation concerns. Poorly controlled diabetes leads to poor circulation and poor circulation leads to poor healing. Tanning beds are just one of the many places that a diabetic could experience a burn that could lead to complications if it didn't heal properly or quickly.

I don't know a lot about the dangers of tanning beds, but as I've investigated other warnings like this, it seems to almost always come back to circulation/healing issues.

ssmile 2008-08-12 17:09:21 +0200 Report

I've gone to the tanning bed and never had any problems, but as he said sun burns can be really bad if your diabetes is not under control.

Steph ;)

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