I need motavation to lose weight

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I have type 2 for already 3 years I weigh in at 278 I tried to lse weight but its to darn hard, I tried to eat right exercise I even have a tred mill So i Dont have a excuse not to run..Okay the thing is when i try to lose weight my husband puts me down all of our lives he been putting me down thats why i think I cant lose my weight I always tell myself do it for yourself but that dosent even work i know i need to lose it for my health I just dont have the energy to do it even if he makes fun of me for being fat, i just give up I think i need help I really dont know what i need can someone give me advice thanks

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sunny13 2010-06-01 10:56:43 -0500 Report

I don't have that problem with my husband he is wonderful. In fact he will ask me should you be eating that, my problem is I'm that if the results aren't instant I'm discouraged. I'm not patient enough to continue. I look in the mirror and I am disgusted with myself. I've weighed less that 100 pounds all my life, then one day I decided to quit smoking and I gained 85 pounds and then I got lazy. I just bought a bicycle and I live in an area where I can ride it but now the humidity prevents me from being able to get out and ride.

Swbtab03 2010-06-01 11:54:56 -0500 Report

Wait till sun goes down, take small steps- walk around the block minimum 3 days a week, more if possible- don't go more than three days with out walking. Then go for longer walks, put a ipod on walk around a local school track if you have one. Not only it helps, you feel more relaxed after a nice quite walk, or with a little music.
Then shoot for the bike, I will tell you my bike is still in the shed, until I lose about 15-20 more lbs then I dare to go on bike. On lunch break at work, try to walk at least 15 minutes it will drop your sugar dramatically.

joni55 2010-05-05 10:40:12 -0500 Report

My husband was totally frustrating with my weight. If I was over weight, I wasn't happy and he would say I could lose some weight. Then, when I was 120, not my lowest, he said my bones were sticking him. Then when I was anorexic, his idea was I was to be force fed. His weight was a little over but he would never let me help him. He was Italian and didn't want to hear about eating less or healthy. He is now gone, after a stroke.

joni55 2010-05-05 10:47:13 -0500 Report

A good idea is to set mini goals, not look at the overall picture. I am now 185 or around there (I don't have a good scale) and am setting a goal of 150 for now. I will adjust it when I get there. The important thing is that you do it for you, no one else and don't listen to the idiots who judge you by your weight. And, when you do reach a small goal, reward yourself (not food, obviously). Take a bubble bath, buy something new that is fun, i.e. clothes, perfume, earrrings. It doesn't have to be expensive. Give yourself a card that says congratulations! You are soo worth it and keep telling yourself that.

Talk to your husband and set up a reward that he will give you when you accomplish something, like a date night.

Men can be such asses at times. Help him to recognize you are trying.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2010-05-04 11:16:54 -0500 Report

You've already been give good advice below. So many people can empathize with your siltuation, because it definitely is HARD to lose weight. And especially so when you get no help or encouragement from those around you - people that you would think would want to do anything they could to help you control your diabetes and prolong your life. Hopefully your doctor has directed you toward some classes on living as a diabetic, incl. a session with a nutritionist. There are also numerous places on line to get help with eating right, incl. this one! You already know that the exercise part of your care is important too. As Spiritwalker said, take one day at a time and build up your stamina. Finding someone nearby that might walk with you would be wonderful…someone that you could also encourage. Being accountable to someone really helps most people, so if you can afford it, perhaps a program like Weight Watchers would be helpful to you. Don't expect too much of yourself too quickly. And remember that heredity plays a part in your size and frame. Hopefully your doctor has checked for other health issues that might effect your losing weight. If not, discuss that on your next visit. Ask for help, but don't give up. To heck with your husband. It's YOU that needs to take the reins and do whatever it takes to live - and to have some quality of life while you are alive. God bless you and best of luck. Come back here often and give us an update. We can praise you or chew your butt out as needed!

spiritwalker 2010-05-02 21:12:12 -0500 Report

Welcome to DC Josephine. Take things one at a time. Start
and work up. Go for a walk once a day.( an example). Even if its 5 minutes its a start. Do it everyday until you are comfortable
than increase your time. If your husband doesn't support you,
that is his problem. You have to take care of yourself. You aren't doing it for him. You are doing it to save your health.
Check your local library and you will find books and possibly
Dvds with helpful information. Check with your Dr. some
hospitals offer free support groups for people working on
weight . You are important. Please don't give up.
keep coming back to the site DC has a lot to offer. Good

GabbyPA 2010-05-02 19:55:28 -0500 Report

Something that helped me a lot was not to focus on loosing weight. I know, sounds silly. But I focused on getting my BG levels in a good place and the harder I worked on my levels, the more weight I lost. I still have a lot to loose, but I lost the first 60 without even realizing it because I was just doing all I could do to get a healthy lifestyle. My family supported me, and I have to say that helps, but they also support me in my wrong choices at times, so I know I just have to do what I can for my diabetes. Did that help?

phatgirl 2010-05-02 20:21:49 -0500 Report

it helps yes.and i thank you again! it's just me and my husband of 22 yrs.no kids.1 cat though.Im doing well with my diabetis now.

GabbyPA 2010-05-02 20:35:09 -0500 Report

Good, take one victory at a time. That is what I did. Made small goals and then as I got some under my belt, I felt free to make some more. I am glad that you are doing well with your diabetes. As you get moving and the weight comes off, you will be doing even better. Glad to have you here.

Happy Barb
Happy Barb 2010-05-06 22:06:08 -0500 Report

I agree that it's one victory at a time. Not important that you share the fact that you are trying to loose weight. Your NOT on a diet, anyway. Your trying to get healthy. If you are eating six meals a day will he still think you are on a diet? and if you go walking when he's not at home, will he still think your on a diet? Start with small stuff. I just went to the doctor and found out I lost 4 pounds and I was just trying to just do balanced meals..you know 2oz of protein, lots of veggies, especially green ones. Does that make sense?

joni55 2010-05-06 23:03:37 -0500 Report

Sure does. I don't know if I could eat just 2 oz. of protein though. I tend to eat a little at lunch and then have maybe 4 oz at dinner. Do what you are doing. Don't worry about what he thinks.