So I think I am going to order my pump!

By nakedbaboon Latest Reply 2010-05-08 12:58:32 -0500
Started 2010-04-30 10:31:43 -0500

Any tips would be great. I am ordering the Minimed Paradigm Revel. Any tips for a new pumper would be greatly appreciated!

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iwillcuinheaven 2010-05-08 12:58:32 -0500 Report

I have the Minmed Revel and it's great! I've been on it for just over 1 month and my A1C has gone from 8.2 to 6.6! I love it because it figures out how much insulin to give you by itself - you just have to put in how many carbs your going to eat and what your blood sugar is and it does the rest! Medtronic has really good support people who will train you well.

Elrond 2010-04-30 23:51:05 -0500 Report

The VA issued me a pump last Monday and I have it clipped to my belt right now just to get used to wearing it while I study manuals. However, the VA won't let me put insulin in it until I attend a class that hasn't been scheduled yet. This is a Medtronic Minimed 520 and I'm looking forward to the increased control it promises.

monkeymama 2010-04-30 11:33:52 -0500 Report

congratulations on deciding to be on a insulin pump. I will tell you this much…Once you start, you will never want to go back the other direction. I am a speaker about insulin pump therapy and the use not only with type 1 but also type 2 diabetics. I have been a pumper for over 2 years now. Here are a few tips from me to you to help you:
1. Make sure you use I.V. prep before inserting your catheter (inset or what ever they call theres). There is acouple of reasons for this. This will help prep and protect your skin from the adhesive and germs. It will also help make the area a little more stickier.
2. Always carry at least 2 sets of catheters, cartridges, batteries, and your other supplies. You will never know when something will come up and you will need it.
3. Before you do a "pump start" try to when it (not connected) while sleeping. This will help you adjust and know the feeling of how it will be and you won't lose no sleep over it.
4. If you have any issues with know where to clip you pump on clothes and pj's. There are companies out there that make real nice cases to put them in.
5. When picking out your batteries, try to go with a lithium battery. They last double the amount of a standard alkaline.
6. FINALLY. You may want to consider getting a copy of "Calorie King" and "Nutrition in the Fastlane (you can order this at") since you will be carbing in whole carbs and not carb serving choices.
Best of wishes to you and hope you enjoy the beginnings of a wonderful journey with your pump. If you have anymore questions, you can email me at small

Harlen 2010-04-30 12:19:27 -0500 Report

Way to go I think you will love it
Real good anser the only thing I would add it test test test the pump will cut your insulin needs down
I like the skintack it works best for me .
Best wishes

monkeymama 2010-04-30 21:11:59 -0500 Report

I definitely agree with you on this. Another way to look at it too is less poking with insulin injections and VERY little lows too. The whole pump is taylored around YOUR body ever changing needs. I've never heard of the skintack. Does it do the same thing as the I.V. Prep I am using or is it better? And is it cheaper than what I pay?

nakedbaboon 2010-04-30 16:49:37 -0500 Report

Thanks for the reply. I already have the nutrition in the fast lane but will order calorie king.

monkeymama 2010-05-01 20:27:29 -0500 Report

I took a look at this model since I know I will be due for a new pump in about a year or two. I ordered some info on it to see if it is a possibility for me. Unless Animas comes up with something similar to this pump. I even learned some new stuff from Medtronic.