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Hi. I was diagnosed as prediabetic 3 weeks ago and am trying to make some major dietary and exercise changes to avoid getting full-blown diabetes. I'm on a steep learning curve right now, but I'm especially interested in learning how I can add more protein that is NOT meat into my diet. I'm already pretty sick of all the meat but it clearly does help keep my sugar down. I just started adding protein powder this morning to oatmeal and a cup of skim milk. Does anyone else use protein powder (and can suggest good ones), as well as easy-to-carry protein foods that I can carry with me in my purse or keep in the car? I'm also missing my pasta bigtime. Saying that I can have 1/3 cup of pasta to stay within my meal carb count is pretty lame—that is definitely going to just make me want a lot more. Aren't there ANY pastas that are NOT high-carb? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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GabbyPA 2010-04-30 11:01:30 -0500 Report

Hi and welcome to the site. I hope that you are able to use it to keep diabetes at bay. You are on a great start from the sound of it.

I do have one caution about your protein intake. While it is the easiest thing to eat that keeps your numbers low, too much can be a problem too, as you don't want to overload your kidneys. So keep an eye on the amount of protein you consume.

I add protein poweder to my smoothies as well as some green foods. We use vanilla creme by Pure Protein. It is made with Splenda though, I cannot find one that is not artificially sweetened yet. It only has 1g of carb per serving.

Another source of protein is beans. They also carry carbs, BUT they also carry fiber. Fiber is your friend when trying to balance carbs. They can be cooked in so many ways or sprouted. If you eat them sprouted, for some reason the carbs are less and the protein is still high. So things like alfalfa sprouts and mung or lentil sprouts are very good and add a spark to a salad or sandwich.

Oh and yes, Dreamfields is great!
It gave me pasta again and I missed it so much. I found I can also eat Ronzoni's Smart Taste brand which has 3x the fiber. Fiber is the trick. I find that whole wheat pasta is just as much a problem as regular pasta, so I buy only these two brands.

monkeymama 2010-04-29 22:38:03 -0500 Report

Hello there! I have a few ideas for you. I use the Special K breakfast bars for most of my breakfasts. If I am on the go and may miss a meal I eat a protein bar. Stay away from Pure Protein bars, that are a little gritty. Otherwise I like to drink the premade protein shakes. Be careful and watch your labels though. Some of them are VERY high in carbs. There is a pasta called "Dreamfields" and it tastes wonderful. It is a low glucemic index food. It only has 5g of digestible carbs per serving. I hope this helps you out. Hang in there!

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