i've seen troubles wash away

By shorty31 Latest Reply 2010-04-28 05:17:11 -0500
Started 2010-04-27 12:17:04 -0500

i've see troubles not today there gonna wash, yeah there gonna wash away i've seen trubles not there gonna wash away yeah.he's gonna take them away. today i can sing that song because my heart is over come with joy.some of you have heard me talk about my stepson. well yesterday he got his report card and i just knew that he had failed my heart went into my stomach and i felt so bad. but when i saw his report card and so those good grades yall i just could jumped out of my skin. not only that at the bottom of his report card are teacher notes one teach said to his mother please keep doing what you are doing i see a young man blooming out all he has gone through your words has helped him.all this time i thought he wasn't listening. all of you that helped me through that i love you all and thank you because i had given up on him. you tell me prayer don't work i'm living proof it does . ther is hope for this world yet. i know i'm not talking about diabeties but some time i feel we all need a pick me up from time to time.

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GabbyPA 2010-04-27 18:17:27 -0500 Report

What a great story Shorty! I hope that you gave him a huge sloppy hug! He must feel so good also.

shorty31 2010-04-28 05:17:11 -0500 Report

yes i did iwas in tears just to fell that my past mistakes helped some one that went thrugh some of what i went through feel good about hisself

Jeannie Holmes
Jeannie Holmes 2010-04-27 12:36:34 -0500 Report

All right Belinda!!!! That is wonderful. The Lord is great!!

shorty31 2010-04-27 14:34:43 -0500 Report

yes i have no complaints i fee on top of the world it makes you feel good when some one really listen to your advise young people these days some don't have really good role models i salute the strong moms and dads of the world today.

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