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By DonnaAnn Latest Reply 2008-08-10 22:15:13 -0500
Started 2008-08-07 23:50:45 -0500

I bought a work out series so I could do different workouts and not get bored. And one of the workouts was interval training! I aboslutley love it. You do so many minutes of one type of strength and then so many minutes of cardio. Its very fun to do. And it can be done in home with minimal equiptment. So for example, after you warm up and stretch: you do one minute of fast past walking, then one minute of dumbell curls, the one minute of simulated jump rope, then one minute of squats, and so forth. the great thing I found about this type of work out, is you can change the excersices at any given tiime and up the minutes as you get stronger. Has anyone else tried this yet?

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butterfly_8 2008-08-09 13:40:09 -0500 Report

I haven't tried it, but I am game. I miss the fact I cannot walk as much as I used to. This sounds good for inside working out.

DonnaAnn 2008-08-10 22:15:13 -0500 Report

i really like this workout alot, because I can not get bored with it. Put on some good music and walk in place, then pick up some weights and lift, go back to aerobics like grapvines, then do sit ups, what ever you want. You can change the music when you want and you can do what ever excersices you want when you want! it can be a hard work out or a light work out. It is your work out. there are CDs and DVDs our there if you want to buy them so if you would rather follow a leader you can. I also like it because when I started this, I was doing everything for 1 minute and then gradually build up my minutes to 3 by doing sets with my weights.

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