TIA a result of Diabetes?

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On Monday morning when I woke up I noticed that my right hand was tingling, I played it off because I figured I just slept on it or something. Monday mornings are ususally a long day for me because I go in by 7:30 to cut fruit and then I cashier. Well, part of my day was over and I was cashiering when I started to feel funny. Well I started praying and I asked God to send (Nina) my Aunt Ernestine to me because no matter how big a smile I have on my face she can always tell when something is wrong with me. Well, I kept on checking my customers out the same way I always do when I started feeling something going on with my face. I called my manager over to my register and pulled out my phone and asked him to call my aunt and have her to come pick me up because I was not feeling well and by the time he took my phone my face started shifting and my speach started sluring. My manager called over another cashier to take over my register and and he took me into the computer room and sat me down as he made some calls to my aunt and to my husband all the while asking me if I wanted him to call the ambulance. I kept telling him no I just needed my aunt, what I needed was the Jesus that abides with in her.

While she was on the way I started reciting the 23 Psalm over and over and over because it brings a remarkable sense of peace to me, I recited it until Nina got there. I know that when Nina got the call that she IMMEDIATELY started praying and when I got into the truck she put her hands on my face and started to pray and prayed all the way to the hospital. When we pulled into the hospital parking lot my face well how do I explain it? You know how you take a balloon and twist it and part of the air goes to one side and it is huge and the other side is smaller, that is what it felt like and my speach got worse. When we walked into the ER, the admissions clerk immediately took me into triage where the nurse checked me out and wheeled me into a room within minutes of arriving. When we got into the room the nurse closed the door and my Nina started praying and the Holy Ghost came in and did a miraculous work and straightend out my face and my speach was back to normal. So much so that when the ER Dr. came in into the room, he took one look at me and said You look fine, may have been a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) what we call a mini stroke and then left.

Well, my aunt went and got my husband who had not seen what had happened to me and had him to come into the room with me and as we were waiting for the Dr. to return, I had an attack. I pressed the button and the nurse said she would be right in well when my husband heard the nurse he looked at me and jumped out of the seat and wanted to know what he could do, bless his heart I have never seen that look of shear fear in his face before. As the attack was happening the Dr. walked in and said Yep, that's what that is a TIA we'll go ahead and admit you and run some tests. So far, I have had a bunch of tests run; EEG, EKG, TEE, CAT scan, CAT scan with contrast die and so on and so on and so on and ALL of them have shown that I have NO blockages anywhere, THANK YOU LORD. However, they were unable to do the MRI because my head was to big for the hallo so I am going to have to have that test done at a different place where they have equipment big enough for my BIG HEAD.

Because they are not finding anything neurological they "the dr's" think it is due to my high A1C levels which happen to be double than what they are supposed to be, (normal A1C 5.0-7.0 mine 12.1) this has to do with my diabetes. While in the hospital they had me on a strict 1800 calorie—75 carbohydrate diabetic diet which I stuck to and my blood sugars continued to be high so it isn't that I am eating the wrong things, they think it is due to thebreast infection that I have been dealing with for the past 6 months.

So, I will be going to see an Endocrinologist about being put on an insulin pump to better regulate my blood sugars. Any information you may have on the insulin pump and if anyone has ever suffered a TIA as a result of their diabetes I would like to hear your story because right NOW I feel like I am in a world all by myself.

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Here are some links to the manufactures
of Insulin pumps posted by member (kdroberts) in response to an earlier discussion on insulin pumps :

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The discussion mentioned above can be accessed by clicking on the link listed below :



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Thanks for the information on the pumps. It will surely help me in making a decision about what to get.

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