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I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. Never really cared to learn about the disease. I now have a new grandchild and want to be around for her. My BS is way out of control and I don't know what to do. I have no clue as to what I can eat or drink. Can any one help me… Please…

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spiritwalker 2010-04-25 15:21:23 -0500 Report

Welcome to Dc. You will want to speak with your Dr. He/She
will help you. Often the next step is to met with a diabetic
educator and RD who will teach you about a food plan, and
counting carbs.
Keep coming here and feel free to ask questions. This is a
good place to learn. We are a family and try to help each other in anyway we can. We all share a disease, but each
handles it differently. Keep a good sense of humor and
take it a little at a time. There is a lot to learn and it might
seem overwhelming at times, but hang in there.
good Luck.

GabbyPA 2010-04-25 13:19:13 -0500 Report

Thank goodness for grandbabies! They do save a lot of lives.

Welcome to the community. I am so glad you are here. This is a first step that can help you out so much.

I would suggest first of all sitting down with your doctor and telling them that you want help. They will be a first line of defense and action. Get on a treatment plan that you both are happy with and will work on. Have a bench mark lab test done to see how the last 10 years of no care have affected you. Then you can start making goals from there.

Like many have said, find a diabetic education class to go to. That was great for me. Very through and informative. I got to ask as many questions as I needed to and the instructors were great. I share my notes here on line if you want to read them and the discussions that ensued. There are 7 total, but here is where to start.

Focus on one thing at a time. Pick your battle and win it, then move on to the next. If you try to attack everything at once, you might get overwhelmed and give up on it all. I chose first to clear my cabinets of all junk foods and sugar free foods. I focused on eating healthy before I worried about how much I was eating. Once I got healthy down, I focused on portions.....and on it goes.

When I discovered this website, it was a god send! I asked tons of questions, shared things I was learning and made some great friends here. I found support without judgment, I found help without lectures and I found comfort in knowing that others were just as confused as I was and working thru things.

You are in a good place her. Check out the articles and watch some great videos. We are here for you in any way we can.

shorty31 2010-04-25 10:53:30 -0500 Report

when i found out i had type 2 diabeties i was afraid also have to give up fried food was hard for me but, learning what to eat like fish, backed food broild food was so bad. learning what to eat for breakfast like friut or oatmeal. looking on the labbles will br the hardest and what type of cereal you can get btu i had a class i went to and they told me that if you chose your portion the size of a golf ball or the size of the palm of your hand it will help you. a lot of whole wheat or grain will help also good luck.

Pam from KCMO
Pam from KCMO 2010-04-25 08:01:09 -0500 Report

Congratulations on deciding to take care of yourself. That's the first step. The next is to start learning about your disease - there are lots of people here on DC who can answer your questions, and, just as important, share your feelings as you take this journey. You are not alone.

And don't be worried or intimidated by not knowing exactly what to do yet - take it a step at a time.

Start drinking water and reading labels. Visit the sites Mays recommends, find others, and tell your doctor to refer you to either a local diabetes center (many communities have them) or, failing that, a registered dietician who can help you come up with an eating plan.

At the diabetes center I was referred to, I met with a dietician, a nurse, and went to a support group of other diabetics. It helped a lot.

Good luck, my dear. You can do this. And like I said, congrats on making the decision to take control of your diabetes!

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