Walgreens Pescription Savings Club

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If you do not have prescription drug coverage,or your insurance plan does not cover all your prescription drug needs, Walgreens Prescription Savings Club may provide significant savings on medications for you and your family.
Generics for less than $1.00 per week for a 90 day supply.
Over 5,000 name brand and generic medications'

Insulin and diabetes care supplies covered with a prescription.
10% reward on purchases of Walgreen brand products.
can be used for pet prescriptions.
$50.00 in coupons just for asking your pharmacist how much you can save.
Much more…
Enrollment for an individual $20.00 per year,and a family $35.00 per year.
for information call;
toll free-866-922-7312 or ask your neighborhood pharmacist.
Card can be used Nationwide.

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