A Book For The Lady's Sorry Guy's

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A few day's ago I tried to put this book on the book club but because it's not about diabetes it could not get on the club. But I felt this book would be good for alot of you as it was for me in my time of need and still is. This book has help me with my depression and when I am stress out and it has help me out in many ways. It is a book for Women by women insperation storys and uplifting to help you lift up your spirets. It is called REFLECTIONS FROM DIANA HAGGEE, JUDY JACOBS, LISA BEVERE AND MANY MORE From OUR HEARTS to YOUR AMAZING EXPERIENCES AND HEARTFELT INSIGHTS FROM WOMEN REVEALING GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU.

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Rjhill74 2011-05-02 17:59:39 -0500 Report

I'll tell you a book that realy has helped me change my life. It is called "Straight Talk" by Joyce Meyer. Many of her books has helped me but this is the first one that I read of hers. It has seven books in it about depression, loneliness, fear, insecerity and more. Maybe you can check it out.

Rjhill74 2011-05-02 17:56:39 -0500 Report

Dear anonymous,
It sounds like a very good book. You know that you can go to the depression section and put it ip there. I think they would greatly apreciate it. Anything that shows God's love for us and that has real life refletions from people that have been there is one that I like. I may not be able to get the book but I think that you are on to something. Try the depression community. You can join it because yo uare already in this one it is easy to join any of the other commutities. Give it a try and spread the word. God loves us!
We are not alone in what we go through. You can make friends in these other sights and maybe even help someone. Take care and God bless you very much on your journey.