S.O.S (Snake Oil Salesmen) Beware !

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(Snake Oil)

A product that has been proven to not live up to the vendor's marketing hype.

The term comes from the 1800s in which elixirs and potions of all kinds, even ones that supposedly included the oils from snakes, were sold as a cure for everything that ailed a person.

(Please Read This)

Value your health, protect it and protect your hard earned money.

Be on the lookout for snake oil salesmen and their cure all products, and false claims that are not medically proven, avoid their miracle cures which are actually get rich quick schemes which are targeted at those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, and other ailments.

We all want relief from our afflictions, but please use your better judgement, do your research, seek medical advice, ask questions, talk to your doctor.


A little time taken to conduct research may just save your life and the life of others, as well as your life savings !

If it sounds too true to be true, it isn't.


As Sy Syms stated in his television ads,
"An educated consumer is our best customer".

Be safe and protect yourself, your methods may seem slow, sometimes painful and never ending, but they are medically proven.

What more can you ask for, short of a miracle ?

~ Mays ~

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