we are truly blessed

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hello everyone, i hope the sun is smiling done on you today. i woke up this morning laughing, i was thinking about my granddad i could see him in his garden cussing at the rabbit that would eat his veggies. i just laugh and laugh, any way i stating thinking how truly blessed i am i mean with everthing that is wrong with me i'm still here.so many people much healthier than i am are not here so many of our friend are sick and shut in they are the ones we should pray for . just for them to get the stentgh to fight.some of us need prayer just to cope and deal there issues i know i do and i'm not afraid to ask so all you prayer partners out there praye for us on this site that we come through and be like harlan who petted the tiger did you see his smile. i smiled with him. i thought about my dad he wasn't sick as i am and his gone. so isay again i am truly blessed to see another day and i am thankful for it. may you all be thankful to. God bless you all.

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