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hi every one i got this book called the 7 habits of highly effective people. i just love this book . it is so good thst i recomend it. it made me think about the way i was handle thing and the way i could handle my problems. instead of not doing believ that i could do it. so on yesterday i just sat down and looked at myself in the mirrow i mean really looked at my self before i new it i had a tablet and i started to write the things i liked about me and the things i didn't. before i knew it the things i liked about me was not as long as the one i din't now in this book it tells to list your goals and put it where you can read every day and cross out a goal each time you complete it. and that is just what i did when my husband got home from work he read what i wrote and asked me do you really feel that way i said yes. he got really quite for at least a couple hours. when he started to talk to me he said please get better you are all i have if i lose you i won't have any one. so now my goals are to believe in myself that i can do all that i said i would do self evaluation is the best medicine. stop say no ican't do it and say yes i can there people who count on you to give them strenth to pull through. all my husband siad was i want my wife back the one who would fight to get better. and that was true i would not let anything and any one get me i will finish the book and change the way i think about my health if i don't love me who will. so if there is anyone else who feel lost like i did all i can say is get the book read it and let go and let God .

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I am glad to see that this workbook and companion audio cd are both helping to provide you with the motivation to strengthen your self esteem and help you deal with diabetes and life in general.

This is evident in your positive attitude and your willingness to share this information with others.

Don't stop here, growth is a lifetime process, only we can slow our growth, not others.

More information can be obtained by clicking the link below :

~ Mays ~