Vegetable Beef Soup

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Vegetable Beef Soup

2 cans (drained) green beans
1 bag (small) crinkle cut fresh carrots
2 cans (drained and diced) small white potatoes
1 large onion (diced)
I0 ribs of celery (diced)
I can whole kernel corn (drained)
2 cans diced tomatoes
I jar mushrooms
1 ½ bottles of low-sodium V-8 tomato juice
1 ½ - 2 pounds stew beef (uncooked)
Parsley (to taste)
Oregano (to taste)
Italian Seasoning (to taste)

Wash and dice all fresh ingredients. Drain all juice off of canned vegetables except tomatoes and mushrooms. Add all to large crock pot. Top with uncooked beef stew. Add spices liberally (no salt). Fill remainder of the space in pot with the tomato juice (enough to cover contents). Turn on low and cook for about 9-10 hours (depends on crock pot).

Fiber! Fiber! Fiber! Help cholesterol with more fiber in your meal plan. First rule that I was taught in my nutrition classes was that “DIET” is a 4-letter word. So choose a healthier life-style rather than the latest diet fad. They only work temporarily. And there have been studies that have shown that you gain more weight than you lost after you stop following that “DIET” plan. I also learned that it should take you twice as long to lose the weight as it did for you to gain it. A healthy weight loss goal is 1-2 pounds per week if you really want to succeed in keeping the weight off. Life changes also need to include exercise. So do not forget the 10,000 steps-a-day rule (3 miles average).

This soup is low in fat, calories, and carbs if made to specific directions. You can eat a large bowl and fill full for a while because fiber fills you up. The beef stew meat is low fat so it is not that harsh on a healthy meal plan. There are carbs involved so allow for BG level control. I would guess that the average bowl size is two cups and the average calorie content would be around 120-150 and the carb count should be close to 30g. This is a fix-and-leave-alone recipe that will help in the struggles of weight loss and lowering BG levels enough to affect the A1C tests that rule our lives. There should be enough in one pot to feed a large family and\or have left overs that are freezable. Place in single serving size bowls and freeze for meals later when you are not in the mood to cook something appropriate or ina hurry.


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spiritwalker 2010-04-13 16:10:25 -0500 Report

This sounds good. I have a question. I purchase v-8 juice in
quart bottles, but I know it comes in different sizes. What size is used in this recipe?

Danielle B
Danielle B 2010-04-14 20:45:04 -0500 Report

Not sure exact size! But it is the average bottle that you see on the shelves. You just need to remember to have enough on hand to be able to cover the contents of the pot. I use a big enough bottle that it takes me one and a half to fill the pot up. Does that help?