Insulin and Beta Blockers

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Did you know that Beta Blockers mask the telltale signs of hypoglycemia?? Well, I guess they do. The FAA says I cannot take a Beta Blocker while using Insulin for that reason. Did you know that to replace the Beta Blocker with a Calcium Channel Blocker can cause "toxicity" in a person taking Statin drugs for cholesterol??
I guess that is true also. It seems that an Ace Inhibitor is what I need to take. Hmmm. Who would have thought that things could get so complicated??

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GabbyPA 2010-04-11 13:31:41 -0500 Report

Oh yes, and the more we mix our "pharmaceutical cocktail" the worse it gets. I started a page on to keep track of everything I take so I would get flagged if there is an issue. It is a fine balance. I was heart broken when I found out I could not eat grapefruit because of my Lisinopril.
I imagine the FAA is really particular with side effects since you are not exactly able to just pull over if you feel a low coming on.

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