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I have no insurance an out of work i try to get medicate or some kind of insurance they tell me that i have to be old or can't work. to get there insurance,i told them that i can't buy any medicine they said sorry can't help. is this america that care about other country an not there own what country? make you anyone really care if you live or die.let straighten our own home first before we step out of our country. let vote for change.

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tfuller 2009-12-30 00:16:34 -0600 Report

i know the feeling,i had to quit my job 5 years ago,i got to the point i couldnt even walk anymore.too me 5 years to finnaly get health insurance.200 over 115 blood preasure and 145 pulse and bsugar of 300,and i was denied,i couldnt even walk! were im from if you want medicaid they want you to work it off.they wanted me to stand on my feet 9 hours a day and carry upto 100lb's.
i found a local healthcare place were u can pay what u can,when u can and my doctor fought for me to get it.they didnt like it but they gave it to me

mike67 2009-05-14 08:47:43 -0500 Report

your so right, let us hope that with the new president that universal helthcare will fianlly be for all americans, keep up the fight for healthcare and all the diabetics that suffer from lack of healthcare in america.

Vicrgreen 2009-08-21 02:08:37 -0500 Report

Go here to read a copy of the proposed Health Care Reform Bill. See the annual deductable for an individual of $5000 (that works out to $416.67 per month) or $10,000 for a family, plus a percentage of the bill that the insurers don't have to cover. 5% for one version, 15% for another, it didn't give a figure for the 3d.

This particular site is set up so that people reading the Bill can make comments and others can read the comments already made. It is an interesting read if you have a few days to devote to it.

This thing is scary.

mike67 2009-09-22 11:52:00 -0500 Report

yes it is scary, seeing the insurance companys disclude us because of preexsisting illnesses, inability to pay, and poverty. america we must use the tax payers money here in america instead of wasting it overseas. diabetes research needs funding not wars that never end. ..m.b.

dj7110 2009-09-23 14:08:13 -0500 Report

no only that.. investing into finding a cure and coming up with one I'm sure would have a higher profit to be made on it.

jsd2005 2009-03-12 11:27:55 -0500 Report

Would you apply or be eligible for public aid? You need some assistance. Search for free medication on the internet and you will find insurance companies that offer a free medical card. You will be amazed!

WE do need to petition our government for care for the uninsured. Everyone needs access to care.

mike67 2009-05-14 08:49:59 -0500 Report

yes, we do need to petition our government you can go to the web sites—-healthcare now and medicare for all, these are great organisations for healthcare reform. m.b.

mike67 2009-01-01 18:25:40 -0600 Report

i am in the same situation myself. until we all get together and demand change here in america,the for profit companies will continue to exploit the poor here. friends, m.b.

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-18 19:44:08 -0600 Report

bringing this back up.

mike67 2009-01-19 12:03:34 -0600 Report

yes again, diabetics need universal health in america ,i as one diabetic who suffers from not having universal healthcare,universal healthcare would be a great life saving approach for diabetic..thanks,mb.

mike67 2009-03-11 22:51:44 -0500 Report

yes i am and i will continue to until all diabetics and others are allowed access to universal healthcare. i stand firm for all americans and will not give in ever,the poor need the same healthcare as the rich have.

2008-12-04 07:03:38 -0600 Report

This is an extremely good discussion thread and well worth posting. Junie, have you gone to your local social services dept. and asked for financial help, or food stamps or anything; because you may not qualify for medicare, but you should qualify for medicaid which is a state program and pays 100% Medicine, doctors, dentists and specialists. I have written posts about help for people in different aspects before. Please try this. If you have very little income you should not have a problem. Go through your yellow pages and look for state and county services; there should also be housing, home assistant program for heating and gas, HEAP, Office for the aging. Special insurance programs for children. And if you talk to your doctor they kind find some of the big drug companies that will give you your medication. Just keep trying, don't give up. There is always something that we can do.

mike67 2009-01-01 18:27:13 -0600 Report

i tried medicaid here in mississipi they told me it was only for the disabled or age 65 or older. any sugestions anyone? m.b.

dj7110 2008-11-21 20:37:47 -0600 Report

I highly agree we need change in medical system for better coverage.. and there are a few places and petitions regarding this. however, i think if all places come togeather as one they'd be able to have a stronger voice in fighting it and better chance in accomplishing it. We need to make all sites etc. aware of one another. David

mike67 2009-01-19 12:10:16 -0600 Report

david your so right. the time has came for all diabetics and other people with illnesses to demand healthcare reform in america. let us keep up the fight for universal healthcare.m.b.

Chrissyk - 26196
Chrissyk - 26196 2008-11-18 12:21:41 -0600 Report

In my humble opinion:
If our government would stop all the bailouts of banks, insurance companies and big business in general; stop paying billions of dollars for a war which we cannot possibly win; stop sending billions to China and other nations without a return investment; and stop the "trickle-down" economics that have been in place since the Reagan administration, it is very likely that we could afford the healthcare that is so desperately needed.
I'm not smart enough to figure out how to go about correcting all these injustices, but I'm praying the Obama presidency will be.
May God bless you Junie!

kdroberts 2008-12-04 08:10:38 -0600 Report

"stop sending billions to China and other nations without a return investment"

The US currently owes China about $1.5 trillion. That's a pretty big return investment in my book, about $5000 per person in the US.

NormaJean 2008-11-16 12:18:30 -0600 Report

You are so right Junie.While I was working I used to pay for Medicare and my insurance,now am out of a job,I have no insurance and they tell me am not qualified for Medicare…you have to be old, so tell me why was I paying for this and I can't get no help ? I have to pay out of my pocket for my Diabetic supplies…hope that with the new administration that something will be done about the millions of people who have no insurance because they can't afford to pay out of pocket.

butterfly_8 2008-09-29 02:09:56 -0500 Report

I agree with all the previous answers and would like to add one more. This mess does not stop with just getting help from the system. The medical profession has lost all common decency over greed. I am retired with Medicare, pension insurance, and I still had to buy private to pay for Dr. and prescription benefits.( 3 different payment plans). At least once a year I have to get angry because they mistakenly send me a bill for lab work or something that they failed to bill the insurance for after medicare and 2nd insurance. I was told medicare pays for 80%. Why does it take 2 other insurances to pay for the extra 20% left over?
If you are too sick to watch them you are in trouble.
We as citizens need a lot of help with this health crisis.Like a 700 billion dollar bail out. LOL
Now I feel better.

Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2008-09-29 12:09:38 -0500 Report

I don't think saying our medical system stinks, makes me less of an american. I love this country,and on the whole think we do remarkable things around the world But I do think that when something is broken, we have the ability to fix it

GabbyPA 2008-09-29 01:04:35 -0500 Report

I knew this discussion would get out of hand if we let it, and we did.

We are a wonderful community of great people. I know we have opinions about many things. Diabetes is not our only passion, but here, it is what we should stick to. There are plenty of sites out there when I can get political, religious or anything else I want. Here, we are Diabetic Connect, and that is the focus.

The real issue is that we must learn to take care of ourselves in any way we can. Yes, we do have issues, but it all boils down to learning to manage our lives and our disease.

I have made my complaints along the way, but if that is all we are going to do, then we don't really need that.

This site is for us to find SOLUTIONS.
This site is for us to find SUPPORT.
This is the safe place we come at the end of a crummy day and we can SMILE.

When I read this kind of discussion, I don't feel we are helping anyone. We may not have insurance. I don't. We may not be able to afford our meds. I can't.
But if all we want to do is complain...then let's reconsider.

Let's DO something to help those who don't have.
Offer some valuable SOLUTIONS instead of opinionated arguments.
Let's make Diabetic Connect what it is supposed to be, a place for us to learn, laugh and enjoy our friends in a common goal of health and wellbeing.

morris.js 2008-09-28 05:00:18 -0500 Report

Im sorry, I could not sit by any longer. I will be the first to admit that this country has problems, esp with our healthcare system. However, there is no place I would rather be. I do not have insurance, and do not even have a full time job, but I'm still better off than most people in all the other countries out there.
My son is one of the soldiers in Iraq. Neither he nor I like him to be there, but he has seen how these other countries are in a deplorable state. If we did not contribute to these other countries, and defend them against those "insurgents" we would soon be over run with the violence here.
Say what you will about our country and it's leaders, but before you do, look closely at the conditions in those other countries. Why do you think so many try to come here any way they can? Take a moment and watch the video another member posted about the number of people dieing in 3rd world countries from Diabetes alone. More than from A.I.D.S.
Do we need some improvements? You bet we do. But please remember what it could be like for you somewhere else.

Of course this is just my humble opinion, and I apologize if you are offended by it…but it still remains my opinion.

vgarrison 2008-09-28 05:19:37 -0500 Report


First off, your son will be in thoughts hopefully to come home safe!!! It's people like him that has kept this country free.

i am going to just say this, yes we live in a free country, but why is our medical more expensive that most other countries?? Because the companies are allowed to charge whatever they want…what if we could just get the drug companies to charge cost or even like say a dollar over the cost per perscription…

thank goodness for the $4 dollar perscriptions that are starting to come out. I for one have been boycotting Walmart for about 3 years, but Target has it as well…


morris.js 2008-09-28 05:38:19 -0500 Report


I'm not argueing that there needs to be change. But remember, those drug companies are in business to make money for their stockholders. If they cannot turn a profit, how many companies do you think will invest in research to develope those drugs that help so many of us? Is it not just as terrible that the companies that make our gasoline are showing record profits while most of us can hardly buy the gas to drive to work?
Yes we need change, we need caps on profits or something, but we can't fault our leaders if we keep electing them. How many of those senators and representatives have been there for several terms in office? It is us that keep them there, so it is us who are to blame… not the "country".

I'm sorry, I guess I've had too many of my friends die in conflicts over seas to just stand by while people put down this Nation.

I out of respect to you, (and others here who disagree with my opinions), am going to walk away from this discussion. I've said my piece and do not want to bring any more negativity to the good people here.


whateverdidi 2008-09-28 11:29:24 -0500 Report

john i respect your opinion. i am all about being an american. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. but our leaders are greedy and they are forgetting the working class ppl. the world is backward. and as far as the quote that we keep electing them…what choice do we have. look who runs… come on

mike67 2009-01-19 12:26:51 -0600 Report

john, i love this nation as much as anyone. the healthcare here in america , i greatly dislike,while the rich and lucky enough to be employeed with health insurance,have their needs taken care of the rest of us suffer. while the health industry profits in huge amounts, what a disgrace. ever year a estamated 312,000 people die from not being able to have the care they need because of lack of health care insurance what a shame.

kdroberts 2009-01-19 14:49:16 -0600 Report

"ever year a estamated 312,000 people die from not being able to have the care they need because of lack of health care insurance what a shame"

I don't believe that for a second. The highest estimate I've ever seen is 18,000-20,000, which is still shocking.

Healthcare in the US is fine, the standard of care is mostly adequate and the availability of it is massive on the whole. The price and access to it is the problem.

mike67 2009-03-11 22:47:53 -0500 Report

you are right we have great medical technology here,but lets face it, the working poor,can not afford the cost of insurance,even though there are so many plans avilable out there.let us continue to push for universal health care for all people not just the RICH. write your representatives and do all you can for access to healthcare for the unemployed and working poor. as for all those who die each year because of lack of care its probebly higher than the number i stated earlier.

mike67 2009-05-26 20:58:56 -0500 Report

yes, the quality and care for those who have insurnace and a job is good, however if you do not believe that huge numbers of people die each year from not having money or insurance to have test,medications,visits,check ups,ect; then sir you need to come to missisippi and do a survey , which you will quickly find that many are dying each year from access and cost issues.

mike67 2009-01-19 11:56:29 -0600 Report

dear sir, i greatly support you son in the the milititary has healthcare for all for soldiers,i know that we as a nation can have healthcare for our citizens,let us look at a few examples,france,sweden,denmark,belgium,canada,ect: if they can have universal health care we can follow there lead.its not fair that only the wealthy have the best healthcare in this land of plenty,friends, m.b.

Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2008-09-28 04:11:06 -0500 Report

I am on disability, so I get some help but in R.I. where I live , they say my income is above the poverty level, which I don't understand because I don't have to file Federal income tax form because I don't earn enough. Any way in order for me to be covered by Medicaide I need to spend 887.00 every six monthes to be covered.Which means that one out of every six checks that I recieved I need to spend on Medical expenses, That also means that if I want to eat, have a roof over my head, hhhhave heat in the winter, It's cold here, have the medicine I need.I have to go crazy trying to figure out how to live on 10 monthes income when there are 12 monthes in a year.Yet We can give billions of dollars in aid to Packistan,who are now shooting down U.S Helicoptors. and shooting our Soldiers that are trying to protect them from the insurgents they let roam there country Killing and destroying everyone that dosen't believe as they do. Our Senators and house members get all of there Medical expenses paid for by you and me, so they do not have to even think about these thingsWe need to change the way this country handles I'ts medical policies,

whateverdidi 2008-09-28 02:25:22 -0500 Report

amen to that. I am a nurse and spend 40 hours plus a week to care for everyone and my insurance is so expensive (225 a week) and they will barely pay for anything. This country needs to turn around. We have so much stress, fast food, no insurance, no wonder ppl are sick. it seems like the government would rather us die off then help. I know doctors who tell me that their hands are tied with the high cost of malpractice insurance,and the hmo's that they themselves are disgusted that they can't treat ppl like they should because of the hmo's or no insurance. what is to become of us?

vgarrison 2008-09-28 02:36:56 -0500 Report

It is so sad that even a nurse, someone that works in the healthcare field, cant even get good insurance!! What is our society coming to…its like they want us to sit on our asses and not do anything, then we might be able to get somewhere with the government.

vgarrison 2008-09-28 02:37:26 -0500 Report

sorry about the language, my fingers got away from me…this subject fires me up!

mike67 2009-01-19 12:21:01 -0600 Report

i also fires me up to a raging fire when i see the wealthy get the best healthcare in america,while the poor suffer without and cannot even afford a a1c test,what a shame in the land of the for profit must be done away with in america for all to have to have access to the same healthcare that the rich have. m.b.

Starfire - 23364
Starfire - 23364 2008-09-28 02:17:56 -0500 Report

I have thought that for a long time I have trouble getting the med's I need It;s as if this countries ability to see the flaw in other countries before it see's the bigger flaw in itself has gotten the USA in alot of trouble. The USA should fix our healthcare system first then go and help our neighbors.

G Thomas
G Thomas 2008-09-01 09:32:16 -0500 Report

Junie, I don't know where you are but in some parts there is a clinic call Health Allience here its Brevards Health Allience it use to be Hope Medical Clinic. I think health first got in on it and took over. Anyway I go there whe I dont have Insurance. hey want you last to bak deposit slips and your w2. They evaluate your monthly income and come up with a price for your income. At first I was paying nothing with a parttime job. Once I acquired the Insurence on my job they wouldn't take it due to a claus of health first. I think I had to have some sort of specaity recommendation. However, I ended up paying 72.00 per visit for the overall. Meds and doctor visit which was great for 3 months visit.Also, montels phones numbers for the medical companies was their main source for your medication that at the clinic. So, I got most of them sent directly to me from the companies thur the clinic. So check your phone book for health clinics and see if there is one under your counties name. And as for the medical companies themsevles. You fill out an income paper and they might send you meds. I think once you call the number they tell you right off if you qualify. Lets face it all insurance is very high.There is no way you can afford both. Good luck If I think of anything else I will hallow.Look for Hope Clinic's

Jeanarie 2008-08-19 11:53:43 -0500 Report

I also do not have insurance and can not afford it, and I do not qualify for goverment help. There is a program that Montel Williams talks about. It is the 'Patient Assistance Program'. The phone # is 1-800-424-3727. They have set me up with some companies that supply most of my meds for free. It is a free service, but your doctors have to sign the paperwork. The Lilly Foundation will also pay for insulins. Again the doctor has to send in the paperwork. I printed everything off the web site and filled it out. All the doc has to do is put the prescription on it and sign. I reguarly have a hard time getting my doc to do this (was informed they do it as a courtesy), but the help is out there, hopefully you have better docs than I do.

Anonymous 2008-08-06 12:31:13 -0500 Report

I agree my mom has tried getting me on medicade and they wont accept us cause of my moms income, but they dont realize she has three kids on her own and two of us has diabetes; (17 and 8 years old) and the other is three months. insulin and supplies is exspensive, my mom is steady trying to get medicade. People dont realize how bad some people have it,just cause they dont have to worry about it.

butterfly_8 2008-08-06 16:21:53 -0500 Report

I agree with everything that has been written here.
I would like to add one thing. We have to keep the momentum going. This sickness needs to be in the publics face at every opportunity we can find.
Diabetes is not going away and neither should we.

mike67 2009-01-19 12:16:05 -0600 Report

i understand because i am going through the same ordeal with lack of healthcare. lets all fight for universal healthcare in america in 2009. m.b.

wendi - 19747
wendi - 19747 2008-08-04 12:39:40 -0500 Report

i too am in the same boat as you!
the healthcare (or lack of) in this country stinks!

DiabetesDiva 2008-08-04 13:44:59 -0500 Report

Thanks, Gabby. I found it. My husband and I are both members of, a political action group. They are asking both candidates to respond to the growing need for health care. I found this on their website:

Our health care system is horrible. It has to change.

Today, for the first time ever, all the major grassroots groups in America that work on health care are coming together to take on the HMOs and private insurance companies. From MoveOn to the unions to Planned Parenthood, we're launching a massive coalition campaign to win health coverage for everyone.

Maybe there is hope for the future. I wish I could do more to help those in need on this website.


GabbyPA 2008-08-04 14:59:38 -0500 Report

I too have become an active part of the political ring. My husband and I are members of and we had a webcast with the presidental candidate of the Constitutional Party last Thursday. He too is a grass roots kind of guy and I really believe that for healthcare to be repaired, we all have to think outside the box.
Until we get the greedy hands out of the deep pockets, nothing will change. I know I must come across as one of the nuttiest members here, but that is why I insist on finding my own way, without the system. I have to learn to depend on myself. I have to toughen up myself. I have to hold myself accountable for what I do...That is why I love it here so much. You guys give me great advice and I don't have to worry about "paying cash" for it. LOL (see my post on
One thing I do know. Nothing will change as long as we sit back and HOPE it does. I am so glad you and your husband are doing something to help. We all have to take up our cause and get it before the leaders. Better yet, one of us should run for an office. Then we can champion our cause directly.

GabbyPA 2008-08-07 14:49:44 -0500 Report

No, you don't have to vote for Obama, you just have to register on his site if you want to participate in Toma's blog.

mike67 2009-01-19 12:12:24 -0600 Report

wendi,yes it does stink. but we diabetics have a voice call,write,email,march,whatever it takes to get healthcare for all in america.its time not just the rich have healthcare in america.mb.

Frustrated mom
Frustrated mom 2008-08-04 07:59:12 -0500 Report

I totally agree with you we do need change and we need it now. You would think that if you are out of work that Medicade would help out until you are back on your feet. If it was them or one of their children then things would be different. We do have ins, but I worry about my son when he is older, what options will he have, if he does not have a good job that has insurance…It is so scary to think that they would let you die, instead of helping their own. Good luck. I will keep you in my prayers.

GabbyPA 2008-08-04 05:22:20 -0500 Report

I am right there with you! We do need to take care of our home before we take care of the neighborhood. Our current system is in a crissis. It is a crummy system. We do need change, however I don't see it coming from anyone who is what are we to do?

Take care of ourselves!
When I first found out that I was diabetic, I was so angry at the system for not helping me. But you know what? I can't sit around and GROAN about it. Nor can I just sit back and HOPE that someone will fix it for me. I have to do something now. If I wait, it might be too late. I am taking a very proactive approach to my situation and striving to take responsibility for my own disease.
It might not be fair, it might not be right, but it is what it is. We need to join Toma's Blog on Obama's website encouraging the future government to hear our pleas, but until then, we must get the word out. We must take action. We must not sit on our butts and complain. We must do something; anything.

rj 2008-08-04 05:51:48 -0500 Report

You took the words right out of my mouth Gabby…I agree Toma has the right idea. I have sent the mesage out to all of my contact list and several "fellow" diabetics here at work that will take part

DiabetesDiva 2008-08-04 06:08:30 -0500 Report

Where can I find Toma's list about insurance?

Another way is to help is to check out your political candidate's stand on a united health plan.


GabbyPA 2008-08-04 09:54:34 -0500 Report

Hey Kate,
I can't find it right now, but if you email him or visit his Diabetic Diet Secrets website you can find it there. He has an open letter to Senetor Obama in Obama's site (but I am not sure what it is called) And Toma is encouraging all of us to add our comments to his blog. So Let's Make some NOISE!

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