What's the lowest BG you've ever had?

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Started 2010-04-09 14:45:42 -0500

Earlier I was thinking about all the narrow escapes I've had with low blood sugars - and thought I'd ask what others experiences have been. The lowest I've ever gone was 18, I don't know how it got that low without my realizing it, maybe because I was a kid having too much fun!

Lows are scary, and I hate having them. My typical "symptoms" are usually intense hunger, (I could eat a Thanksgiving dinner - what's in the fridge? :) shakiness, confusion, etc… Thankfully, through Gods provision, I've always been able to correct my lows without going to the ER, and I usually have a concerned person around to make sure I get myself back "up".

So what's your story?

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Becca023 2014-06-06 13:41:27 -0500 Report

Wow, I can't believe how low some of your bg's have been.
I remember passing out a couple times after waking up during nite on my way to kitchen to get something to eat, but don't know what the readings were because next thing I remember was waking up in bed again.
The lowest reading has been 55 and wasn't sure if I could remember where my glucose tabs were. Now I keep the tabs everywhere just in case.

CTFish 2013-04-29 15:23:13 -0500 Report

Type 1, 38 years. The lowest my blood sugar has been and I have still be able to take care of myself was 20. The meter I am using is a UK Insulinx so it came up as 1.1 mmol/liter. The conversion is times 18. So technically my blood sugar was 19.8 mgs/dl. I got some juice and came up eventually

harry2160 2010-04-14 18:12:27 -0500 Report

new to this site,my story type 1 for 39 years, 25 years ago had bad [no such thing as good] insulin recation, taken to emergacy room blood sugar to low to be read by machines. lab sent back reading of 6. had allraedy dislocated and broken both sholders. 8 years ago retired from post office on a disability retirement, social security disabilty,moved to florida 6 years ago, married 5 years ago, life is not perfect but good. some day i'l get used to being DIABETIC but i doubt it

Least 2010-04-15 02:13:24 -0500 Report

Wow, that's quite a bit there - and to have a BG of 6!!!! Yeah, I don't think we ever quite feel "at home" with diabetes!

disny70 2010-04-10 16:56:49 -0500 Report

I have had several lows… but my lowest was 24. The room started getting really dark, I was sweating like crazy and my tongue felt weird. I always try ti have a fair amount of carbs when I eat, otherwise they drop fast. it's not fun. I keep glucose tabs in my purse, coat poacket and night stand.

Least 2010-04-11 12:28:31 -0500 Report

I keep some everywhere too! (well, I actually use juice more than glucose tabs) You never know, especially at night!

RNSTUCKUPNORTH 2010-04-10 14:44:00 -0500 Report

Hi, my lowest was 21 after treatment. I too am an ER Registered Nurse and use a pump. I have been diabetic for many years. I had taken a bolus for my meal when they called a code.I jumped up without eating and ran to help. After the code( and working up a sweat doing CPR) I knew I was dropping and headed to get some juice. I learned a lesson to always TELL someone where you are going and why. I blacked out and had a seizure in the clean supply room of our ER. Lucky for me the ER tech found me and I was treated promptly. Now if my co-workers haven't seen me in a while they send out a search party! They told me They were going to get me a life alert to use at work.

Least 2010-04-11 12:31:06 -0500 Report

Yes - I usually tell people where I'm going etc if I'm low. It's scary to be by yourself!

joni55 2010-04-11 21:11:44 -0500 Report

I have a lung problem and although I am much better, I still worry that I will go somewhere and not be able to make it home.

shyozz 2010-04-09 19:54:29 -0500 Report

I can't beleive how low some of you have gotten, it crazy. I have only been as low as 80 but I have been as high as 500. That scared the heck out of me because I felt just fine, no symptoms at all.

spiritwalker 2010-04-09 18:29:12 -0500 Report

Hi Kansasgirl, Welcome to DC. Blood sugar levels should be between 70-140 for a normal range. Two hours after a meal
it should 140 or less. Fasting around 70 over night. A1C( 3
month average between6.0-7.0.

kansasgirl2010 2010-04-09 17:15:00 -0500 Report

I just found out that I have type 2 diabetes and a week ago my lowest was only 69. Its not as low as most of yours on here but I don't want to experience my sugars being that low, like yours. My doctor has me on a pill that I take once in the evening that helps bring my blood sugar go down and it has been helping but not where it needs to be. What is the normal blood sugar reading a person should have? Does anyone know…

Least 2010-04-09 21:46:32 -0500 Report

I'm not sure if there is a difference in range between Type 2 or Type 1, but, my doctor tries to keep me between 80-120. I say "tries", it isn't usually that perfect! :) They say it's best to be lower before a meal as there will be a raise of some fifty points or more depending on the meal. Overnight he likes to have me around 120 to lessen the risks of lows!

spiritwalker 2010-04-09 15:18:25 -0500 Report

I have been diabetic for 25 years - type2. The low that is the clearest in my mind happened several years ago while
in the hospital. I had another major medical challenge at that time. I had just been put on insulin after major surgery.
I had just finished a meal and was visiting with a relative.
All I remember was telling the person to get a nurse. When
I came to my Dr and Endo where at my bedside. They told
me I had been out awhile. That my bg was 12 at that time.
I don't remember going out, or the lost of time.

Least 2010-04-09 15:28:41 -0500 Report

I my goodness! That is CRAZY. Thank goodness you're okay. I once passed out in the morning while still in bed when I was in my early teens, my parents discovered me and gave me a glucogon shot which brought be around pretty quick. Not an experience I'd care to repeat!

Trinamae 2010-04-09 15:08:41 -0500 Report

My lowest blood sugar was 29! I was shaky and sweating. I kept telling my husband that it was raining on me, lol. We rechecked 4 times to make sure the monitor was working correctly. The results ranged from 29 to 35. I was able to correct it without going to the hospital but I had to drink several glasses of OJ and a shot of glucogaon and I was fine.

Least 2010-04-09 15:11:57 -0500 Report

Wow, I'm so glad you didn't have to visit the ER! I know the feeling of checking over and over again, just to make sure the machine isn't lying to us! I think its panic related thing, I mean, we're already having the symptoms of being low - so why do we feel the need to recheck ??? :)

2sweet2eat 2010-04-09 16:34:14 -0500 Report

My lowest was 30,I was at work when this happened.The ironic thing about this is,ready,I was working in the ER!!!!!!!!! I am an RN.Talk about ironic.A amp of D50
and I was back to work in an hour.Not by choice.I felt like i was run over by a truck.Several times in the 40's I am training to ride my bike 60 miles in June for a cure for Diabetes.It is called Tour de Cure.So i keep a close eye on my readings.

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