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Does anyone hate cleaning as much as I do? I seriously doubt it. When I got my own room, my college roommate said that she would come over and clean when she saw the dust coming out from under my door!

I have a caseworker that has been working with me for a year on cleaning a one bedroom apartment. I was failing my Housing Authority Inspections every year and always had to have my place reinspected. I am doing better about clutter. God has really put it on my heart that this is not good. But, I have 2 generations of hoarding before me. It is hard. I know that when my animals feel deprived of food, which I assure you they are not, they will eat and eat…I finally decided to just keep their bowls filled all the time, now it is not so much of a problem. I am the same way about books, clothes, etc. Rather than washing things, I would buy new. Smile!! I had 2 bags (count them) of underwear alone. I have gotten rid of so much! It still is not great but it is better.

My friend told me about It is a good place to get help with tackling your place. It encourages you to do it in baby steps. My problem was that I was so overwhelmed that I did not even know where to start. So, my caseworker had me start with maybe a quarter of a room. It was so much more doable.

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MAYS 2010-04-08 09:42:54 -0500 Report

Humans are creatures of habit both good and bad, and as such, we create an environment of and with which we become comfortable, whether it be clean or cluttered.
Then we adapt personal functionality and purpose into the equation to justify this, there is no shame in this until it becomes unhealthy and unsanitary.

Many believe that our living condition is indicative of our mind, but that's not true, to each his\her own, one persons clutter or trash is another's treasure, take your time and organize yourself, if not it will surely seem to overwhelm you in the process.


shorty31 2010-04-08 11:15:37 -0500 Report

i agree because sometimes you just don't have the energy to do anything it's a chore just getting told me totry and just do one room at a time do a little sit a little until its done. one day you'll finish what you started.

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