Diabetes Walk?

Justin Cowden
By Justin Cowden Latest Reply 2010-04-07 15:33:43 -0500
Started 2010-04-07 13:38:07 -0500

Can anyone tell me about any Diabetes walks or marathons for a cure? I am new to the community, I was diagnosed last year,(type 1) and have a lot of enthusiasm and energy to get involved. I feel like I have a lot to contribute. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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GabbyPA 2010-04-07 15:33:43 -0500 Report

Hi Justin, welcome to the community. It is good to have some enthusiasm and I am glad you are looking for ways to use it. I found a cool site that lists events all over the country. http://thediabetesresource.com/event
All you have to do is choose a date and it will give you events that are going on.
You know, you can always make an even of your own. Such energy should never be wasted. You will have to let us know what you choose to do.