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.As I am walking out, feeling pretty fine, my CNP stops me and says, she needs to talk to me away from the clinic. She is leaving! WHAT THE HECK!? She is leaving the clinic, she as the manager has been dealt enough poopoo, that she has decided that as much as she loves this job, and the patients, it is taking quite a toll on her physically. So at the end of April she will be gone. OMG! She has been my "doc" for 22 years, she gave my boys their first shots; she diagnosed my diabetes, she's walked me through all the ups and downs and this and more. Now what?
She was running late, and according to her, everyone is watching her, so we'd talk more about this, she'd explain more later…

So, now I have to make some tough, and I mean tough decisions…
1. Do I stay with this clinic? Have the other CNP (who is also well versed and experienced in diabetic issues) take over my care? Do I wait to see who the new person is…even though I don't care.

(Remember we are in a very rural area where medical professionals are hard to come by, and not all docs in the area are well versed or educated on diabetes nor the care of people with diabetes; and not all docs are accepting new patients)

2. Do I start calling around and find out who is accepting new patients? And make a "get to know you appointment?" There are two docs, that I have met and am impressed with their knowledge and manner. One is a diabetic, one did much of his internship and residency in a diabetic hospital in the Twin Cities. But they are both in a clinic that is not known for treating Medicaid or Medicare patients with respect.

3. Do I take a PA or the doc that oversees them at another clinic; and wait until their hospital (who is doing diabetic research in a BIG way) and schedule an appointment with them?

4. What do I ask…??????

So I am not asking about the first three questions, more the fourth one. If you have some questions that you feel I should ask, for a type II, on oral meds (amaryl, Januvia and metformin) losing weight, and eating as healthy as money provides…what would you ask? I haven't had to do this in a very (obviously) long time, so I am looking for some help.

I'm sick, I'm sad, I'm angry, and I am again frustrated. NUTS!

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Deb-G 2010-04-06 13:13:34 -0500 Report

If you can stay with a doctor you have come to like, respect, and value I'd try to stick with her…I'm sure if you have a secondary insurance to Medicaid/Medicare they would be able to still service you outside of a clinic atmosphere?…If insurance is not an issue I would see if you can find out where she is going…Hopefully its not too far…I'm thinking too far to go isn't a great thing either…

Due to rules regarding her association to the clinic she may not be legally suppose to be letting people know where she is going, thus why she was being careful discussing it… but most still do try to slip the info out there especially if they are setting up in private practice etc…

Good Luck though…its truly hard to find good, thorough Doctors these days that you trust…

GabbyPA 2010-04-06 08:15:20 -0500 Report

Oh, SDKate,
This is tough. Take a deep breath....ok
Perhaps your doctor is going to a different facility where you could follow her? That relationship is so important, and if there is a way to keep it, I would try to do that first. So before you get all worried, talk to her again and see if she can explain further what she plans to do.

If you trust her as much as you seem to, then I would ask her for a recommendation of an alternate doctor if she is not going to be available for you any longer. She knows you, she knows many of the doctors in the area I am sure, and she could at least guide you in that way.

You can ask all the questions in the world, but if you don't like the doctor that is treating you...it is not a good fit. I found that out. My doctor may not know everything, but he listens to me, talks with me, and respects my research and understanding of my body and my disease. I would choose him over any arrogant know it all doctor. So trust your gut as well as the answers to any questions you pose to your new care giver.

I wish you the best in this. It is like loosing a friend. I hope you find a way to keep her.

MAYS 2010-04-06 07:48:03 -0500 Report

Hello and Welcome to Diabetic Connect !

During the visit, take time to ask the doctor any questions you have about your health.

You might want to write these questions down before your visit so you don’t forget them.

Some questions you may want to ask include:

• Will you give me written instructions about my care?

• May I bring a family member (spouse, daughter, or son) to my office visits?

• Are you willing to talk with my family about my condition if I give my permission?

During your first appointment, the doctor or nurse will likely ask you questions about your current health and the medical history of your family.

This information will also be added to your medical record.

After your first visit, think about if you felt comfortable and confident with this doctor.

For example, were you at ease asking questions?

Did the doctor clearly answer your questions?

Were you treated with respect?

Did you feel that your questions were considered thoughtfully?

Did you feel the doctor hurried or did not address all your concerns?

This article may be of interest to you :



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