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Hello my baby sister Kylie cries because she is still hungry an hour after dinner but I can't feed her because I still need to check her blood than. She will drink milk before she goes to bed but she is hungry before bed time. Anyone know any snacks she might like that wont hurt her? she's one. Or does anyone know why she's gets hungry so fast? She doesn't like the low sugar juice that I try to give her.
Thank you.

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Sizzlechest 2010-04-13 11:44:15 -0500 Report

You didn't say how old she is. Try adding more protein to her diet. Protein is more satiating. Cut out as much sugar as possible. Do not feed her sugary fruits or starchy vegetables. this will only make her hungrier.

Harlen 2010-04-06 13:14:03 -0500 Report

One of the tricks I have used is to add just a little A LITTLE
clear fiber in the juice this will add in filling her up and when I sey a little if shes 2 or older 1/16th of a teespoon but I would call her Doc to be certen that its ok
Best wishes

KitKatt93 2010-04-06 22:17:45 -0500 Report

Hello Harlen, my sister is only one years old. I will look it up on the internet and see if it is good for her. Thanks for that idea I like it. If I see nothing on internet I will call her Docter.


kdroberts 2010-04-06 09:32:18 -0500 Report

I would skip the low sugar juice since it probably has artificial sweeteners in it. Just buy regular apple juice (personally I make sure that it is just juice and has no extra sugar or high fructose corn syrup) and put about an once or two in a cup/bottle and then top up with 5-6 oz of water. It's very low carb and it will fill her up for a little while. Here are a few other things that my son eats and I do as well because they are so low carb.

Yogurt melts
Cheese slices (any kind, go with full fat though)
Graham crackers
Wheat thins
Cut up red pepper
Cut up grapes (apples, bananas, pears also work. Just a few pieces, not a whole one)

It may also be that she isn't hungry at all. Is she cutting teeth? Is she thirsty? Is she bored? Is she not feeling well? There could be lots of other things.

KitKatt93 2010-04-06 22:15:13 -0500 Report

Hello KdRoberts. Thank you for your suggestions. Yep she is cutting teeth and I let her suck on teething rings. I play with her and try to keep her busy and happy so she can get tired around eight so I can do homework so I don't think she bored. Tonight I cut up ham peices and gave it to her with flavored water. My mom drinks that stuff so I took a pack from her because I saw no carbohydrates or sugar and Kylie drank it fast!


KitKatt93 2010-04-06 06:34:18 -0500 Report

Thank you for the tip. I logged into JDRF and they had a link where you can ask questions and I got a email from them this morning and she said the same thing you girls have. She said vegetable, meat cubes, string cheese, sugar-free jello, etc. You girls are smart thank you.

Skipping school and going to go to our pediatrition (I still see him) and ask him everything. I told my mom yesterday I wasn't feeling good so she let me schedule an appointment so they fit me in.


GabbyPA 2010-04-06 08:21:49 -0500 Report

You are a crafty one. I hope that you get some help that you really need. Take a notebook and write things down. Ask for any literature they have on hand. You are doing a great job.

Juliann1984 2010-04-06 04:53:11 -0500 Report

I used to babysit an infant with diabetes and it's so hard to watch them go through this, but it will get better. If she chews well, then veggies are the way to go. Take the time to cut up celery (being sure to pull all the strings out first, since this could choke her), and cook it until it's just a little bit softer, but still crunchy. It may not be flavorful to you and I, but the babies I've had experience with (including my sons), have loved it. It's a finger food, and it's crunchy, so they like that independence.Be careful though, and watch her, because some babies have a hard time digesting celery.

Sugar free jello works too, even though her intake of artificial sweeteners should be limited, this may be enough to hold her over until her bedtime milk. It's so hard to try to explain to them that they have to wait, when they're feeling so hungry! Just have patience.


Least 2010-04-06 00:03:31 -0500 Report

Your sister is the same age as my baby brother, I can't imagine how hard it is to care for one so young with diabetes!

I would have to agree with Mays, have you spoken to your sisters doctor about this? I would get professional advice before changing too much about her schedule/eating habits. It may be that she is growing and needs to eat more - in which case her doctor should advise you how to increase insulin doses.

Increased hunger can be a symptom of being low. Have you tried checking when she acts especially hungry? I know I get ravenous when my blood sugars drop!

It's hard to come up with low carb snacks for one so young, most "baby" snacks have so many carbs! I guess saltine crackers only have 1 or 2 carbs per cracker, if you had to give her a couple. Proteins are all low carb, but, not generally very palatable to little ones! My brother likes little pieces of cooked chicken :) Some vegetable are low carb - soft grean bean pieces and little bits of brocolli wouldn't have that many carbs. Again, these are some of my brother's favorites! (But, baby's are all so different :)

I hope this helps!

MAYS 2010-04-05 22:23:12 -0500 Report

Hello again,

Excessive hunger is a symptom of diabetes, one that can drive a diabetic virtually crazy.

This bit of information may interest you :

I don't know what type of milk or infant formula that you are feeding her, but milk can and will make your baby sisters blood glucose level rise very rapidly, I would prefer that your doctor, a pediatrician or another medical professional give you advice and suggestions in this rather delicate family matter.