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John Crowley
By John Crowley Latest Reply 2010-04-07 10:26:19 -0500
Started 2010-04-05 17:37:11 -0500

There is a report out of Michigan about phone scammers posing as Census workers and trying to gather information about health conditions—possibly for identity theft purposes.

If you receive a recorded message that claims to be the census and wants information about whether or not you have diabetes, hang up.

Here's a link to the news story:
Phone scammers are posing as the Census

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Deborah L
Deborah L 2010-04-07 10:26:19 -0500 Report

Thank you, John. Unfortunately, like most everything else, someone is going to find a way to scam other people. I have been hired as an enumerator (census taker) for the 2010 Census. Census takers have to complete 4 days of training, a complete background check, etc., and are federal employees.

The actual form for the Census 2010 can be viewed on government Census 2010 websites.

As you can see, this requires more than the number of people under your roof. But does NOT ask for any information about finances in any form so never give out any financial information. Many census formas are not mailed back but they are mandatory. That's why census takers have to go door to door the next few months. Never allow a census taker into your home. There are other census surveys that are being done now too, but check through the regional offices if you need.

I agree that workers should be checked if you have any doubts whatsoever. I never automatically give information over the phone to ANYONE, no matter who they say they are. If you check information on the internet, make sure you use only government websites.

I agree caution should be practiced, but please remember the census is done to help decide how much and what kind of funding every area receives including transporation, schools etc. That's why they ask for ages, birth dates, etc. Please don't respond with political statements about that. LOL

GabbyPA 2010-04-06 08:23:42 -0500 Report

The only, and I mean ONLY thing you tell a Census worker is how many people live under your roof. A number...no names, no relations, no anything else. Just a number.

MAYS 2010-04-05 19:41:11 -0500 Report

Do you want to verify if a caller is a Census worker, or would you like to report a caller ?

How to Identify Census Bureau Telephone Interviewers :

If you would like to verify that the person calling you is a Census Bureau employee, you may call 1-866-226-2864.

Click on this link for more information and further instructions :



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