cure for diabetes ?

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Recently i came to know that there is an organization operating in US called TREE OF LIFE , that gives cure for all kinds of diabetes . On posting an enquiry with the concerned department i got a few details about that . I have attached those for you .

Is this true ? Really does it cure ?
PLS. let me know your views .

You can download the brochure online here:

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thanks in advance ..

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Tony5657 2013-04-04 10:02:22 -0500 Report

This caught my eye because our local church is called the Tree of Life, which is actually a common name. (our church)
Not at all related to the organization that started this discussion.

It's a shame there are so many scammers, swindlers, con-artists, deceivers that claim cures, miracles, and/or truth but only deliver crap/lies to financially line their own pockets from the trusting, gullible people crying for help. They will receive their just rewards eventually.

I've heard so many say, "It was on the Internet, so it must be true." Hogwash! By the way, just what is "hogwash?" I never washed a hog but it can't be a fun or a good experience unless you use a power washer at a distance! Have you ever smelled a hog at close distance? LOL

Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX

IronOre 2012-11-29 12:18:59 -0600 Report

The links did not work for me.
Probably nonsense anyways.
How are you connected to "The Tree of Life" ?

jayabee52 2012-11-29 13:41:31 -0600 Report


I had looked into this when this was originally posted, and all the links worked then. But this was posted originally in 2010 and websites change and links become inactivated.

This "Tree of Life" is a program offering by Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H), D.D. (Doctor of Divinity), Diplomate of American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Diplomate Ayurveda ( traditional Indian {subcontinent } medicine )

The retreat site is in Patagonia, Arizona, but there have been other programs/retreats added since this was first posted. From what I remember from looking into this the following link may be closest to the original program.

vinodh, if I understand correctly, was just investigating and sharing what he found with DC.

I don't put much stock in this method of treatment myself. But I did note the change in language used from "cure" in the original to "reversal" in the most recent website.

If you read down the replies further I think one of my CNA clients tells about a t1 boyfriend who died as a result of going to either this place, of someplace like it in AZ.


Bruce sr
Bruce sr 2011-09-29 10:08:13 -0500 Report

well its like they say , the medical association doesn't want to find a cure for diabetes cause they're making too much money selling the drugs to the people that don't work anyway , all the drugs do is make you worse ,got to love it , they want to keep us sick and on drugs

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-09-25 20:40:17 -0500 Report

This sounds like a lot of baloney. I would like to investigate the Tree of Life but none of the links you supply work. Are you just a "jokester" have some preverted fun at are expense. You're getting two giant thums down. Go away and leave us alone so that we may seriously deal with our disease. >-O

jayabee52 2011-09-26 00:49:56 -0500 Report

No, Lew, this is an OLD discussion which had been brought back for several times via the "featured" function. It is as the Radio DJs say "a blast from the past"

I haven't seen vinodh on the site for quite some time. I was able to go to the links he posted soon after his original posting and I remember looking at the website.

This was put up on April 5 2010. The links may have been broken or the website has moved OR the Tree of life site has shut down because the compound itself may be out of business.

I googled tree of life and tree of and got a website associated with Rabbi Gabriel cousins. I found facebook webpage for the treeof life. It is the same group associated with Rabbi Cousins.

I believe they are probably out of business. So any link would be not active.

He was not a jokester when he was on the website before.

Rapcom 2011-09-25 16:53:34 -0500 Report

My doctor has told me there is no cure for type 1; but the best and only cure for type 2 is weight loss (this depends on how bad your type 2 is). I would trust him over the pharmacol companies and any one else I don't know because of his education.

redcamel 2011-09-29 23:51:43 -0500 Report

Rap one cure for D1 is the lapband. Not to sure of the details but it does work. The other riskier cure is a pancreas transplant that comes with a whole new set of drugs etc. As for a outright cure you are correct. I firmly believe D cant be cured but can be prevented with enough genitic research.

Jan8 2011-09-25 12:28:11 -0500 Report

anything that looks too good to be true is usually just that. It's bogus in my book.

jayabee52 2011-09-25 11:01:24 -0500 Report

and again this is a featured article on September 25 2011 after only about 1 month. This discussion should perhaps be retired into the archives and not be featured again to avoid teasing us again.

To that end, I am going to give this a thumbs down. Perhaps if enough of us dislike this, it won't come back too often again, if at all.

AuntieM234 2011-09-25 12:20:06 -0500 Report

Something I don't understand … how does something such as this get to be "featured"? It is clearly "pushing" a commercial venture, is it not? So, unless it is affiliated with Alliance, which I doubt, who in Admin would approve its "featured" status?

GabbyPA 2011-09-27 21:36:16 -0500 Report

The way our features work is that one of the moderators chooses to have a post featured. Then it is presented to the team and they decide if it is worth featuring. If they think it is, then it is offered as a feature to spur discussion on the subject.

jayabee52 2011-09-25 12:40:27 -0500 Report

I don't think it was a violation of terms of use at the time it was originally posted because the TOU has changed during the years I've been here. If I remember correctly at that time a member couldn't gain income from posting something like this and still be OK. The way The TOU reads now, I'm not so sure. I am pretty sure that there is no connection between Alliance and Tree of Life.

As I understand the featured designation is selected by the computer, but I am unsure of the criteria the computer uses to make the selection. That may be something I'll have to ask the Administrators about. I think I have understood from some background chatter in other discussions that the likes and dislikes somehow have something to do with it, but I could be mistaken about that.

JDCA2025 2011-08-27 12:54:03 -0500 Report

We ( Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance) have researched and analyzed all facets of the diabetic landscape and trust me, there is no cure in the system right now. If there was a cure, it wouldn't be hidden away, the WORLD would know about it. Whatever this website is asking of you, don't do it. They're con-artists of the highest sort.

jayabee52 2011-09-25 11:23:57 -0500 Report

One of my patient's mother had a boyfriend 20 or 30 years ago who was T1 and died at one of these places in Arizona. The way she described it, it could have even been the same place. She said he was put on a macrobiotic meal plan. I looked into this at the time this discussion was first posted and from what I could determine they put PWDs on a macrobiotic meal plan.

Unfortunately (as she told it) the T1 PWD of which she spoke died at that clinic.

There is a strong undercurrent of mistrust of big pharma companies (largely earned, IMO) in the community of PWDs because many feel that there really IS a cure out there but has been hidden by Big Pharma because the profit would be gone from diabetes for them. Cured people who had diabetes won't use their medications because they don't need them, and the money stops flowing in.

I M O that's needlessly cynical, but, then again, I may be more of a cynic on this issue as time goes on.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-25 11:42:01 -0500 Report

Well lets see James my meds cost about $300 a month, glad I am under control. Lets not mention the many dr visits, lab tests and the class $600. Now why would you be a synic. Maybe we should start what are you approximate monthly costs?

jayabee52 2011-09-25 12:03:19 -0500 Report

For diabetes meds themselves? Right now $0. I am regulating mine with my eating regimen and the insulin my pancreas puts out. so far so good if my pancreas holds out and keeps on producing insulin and my insulin resistance is not raised.

I am probably putting out another $40 mo on Dr copays.

My cynicism comes partially from being here so long and what I have seen of the way the medical establishment treats (or mistreats) some folks. It partially comes from living life in the world and all the garbage which I have seen and heard.

My cynicism is tempered by the mercy of God who answers prayers and the giving ways of loving people, who have helped me out greatly when I most needed it and who have helped out others too.

SlatonLeo 2011-08-27 15:53:11 -0500 Report

I could not open the site mentioned, kept getting error not found, but that is okay like some of you have said; if it were true the world would be knocking down their doors to get to it. Once in awhile someone comes up with these things to get our hopes up only to find it is just to make a great deal of money from people who will believe because they are discouraged, and tired of their problems. I do understand the frustration, but I was told many times in my life, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is not true". Sorry guys, but that is the way I see it, as a money making deal for theis company.

Jazz 2011-08-27 21:55:17 -0500 Report

you are right .there ar so many money making traos out there my phone is flooded with offeres for a free meter ,to make money from medicare they play on peoples illness.

lmkilday 2011-07-31 23:54:48 -0500 Report

If this organization found a cure for diabetes, the American Diabetes Association would not continue to fund research into finding a cure. Finding a cure would also have been major news in all newspapers and television new reports that people would never again have to test their blood sugar or take insulin.

2011-07-31 23:42:10 -0500 Report

I don't know what kind of bull crap this site is feeding you, but like I said in the past, "There is ABSOLUTELY NO "CURE" for this disease that everyone's path on this site has come in contact with, sometime in their life. If people actually believe this garbage, than boy do I have some beautiful prime beach front property in Iowa to sell you. Cause as I see it, "There is a sucker born every minute!" This so called site should be checked out w/a fine tooth comb. And if a doctor wrote it, then his/her license should be REVOKED! Cause Hell will freeze over form some cold front first, before a "cure" for this horrible disease is ever found. (T1 or T2. It's immaterial.)

2011-07-31 23:15:12 -0500 Report

I have to agree w/Deb-G. If this is true, then I'll show you some beautiful beach side property in Iowa to sell to you!! There is absolutely no cure of this disease that all of us on this site suffer from! I, like many others out there, would LOVE to get it under control, but the majority of us know that there is no such thing as "reversing it, or getting rid of it completely. Cause as I've said before, "Once a diabetic, always a diabetic. You may have it under control w/diet and exercise, or have it under control w/all sorts of diabetic medications, but to get rid of it completely? Absolutely, positively, NO BLOODY WAY!!!!

Diaschm 2011-07-31 12:36:49 -0500 Report

I could not go awaay for 21 days so they were not interested in me. I will say that I weigh about 140 sometimes a couple pounds higher. I am trying to control my bl with tradjenta and glipizide,diet,and excercise. I really think that I doubt that once a person is diabetic that you can control it but I am doubtful if it ever really goes away. I am following a glycemic diet and really working on my scores. I was impresssed with Gabby's opinion and I have alot of respect for her knowledge so maybe I am wrong. Now I am confused. maybe you can become non diabetic. I need more info, I think I am doing the best I can do for my height and weight. But if I could become a non diabetic somebody tell me how?

GabbyPA 2011-07-31 09:12:06 -0500 Report

I have visited this site before and really found a treasure trove of information on it. I would love to go to one of their "camps" for a few months to get things straightened out and get some good solid habits formed. I think they are really on to something, it is just a hard road to tow alone. Working as a group is a huge help and the relationships you form are the key to keeping you going after you go home.

Junebug77 2010-04-13 10:55:24 -0500 Report

It was so refreshing to see these links in here for people searching for answers.. The thing you should tell them though is that it's a major change to "wrap your head" around this issue. People will have to do their own research to find the answers they need for their condition. I bought the book "There is a cure for diabetes" by Dr. Gabriel Cousins…and it made me a believer. I have lost (to date) about 70 lbs. I am going to lose another 120lbs. The first 100lbs I was working on losing is from the side effects of Lantis insulin which I was on for 1 year…when I found out why (when my diet was good) I put the weight on I was livid…I told the medical staff "watch me get off of this" and I did. I also stopped taking Actos. I use natural supplements and am looking forward to being drug free w/in the next year. I am also 2o years remission breast cancer. I have battled my weight since I was 18 yrs old and to put on such an amount of weight as a result of conventional medicine…well I just couldn't stand it. I am 6ft tall and never looked "too bad" but after getting to 340 lbs I was devistated. I've gone from a size 30 pant down to 22 now…and last year I even grew some cucumbers, toms, grn bns… I can't wait to garden this year…you know to make changes…means you change what you involve yourself with…like going to the local garden center and learn new information. meet people that can help support you in what you are doing. Above all else get your hands on this book, it will change your life. Another book you can read to realize what pre-manufactured food is doing to our bodies. "Fast Food Nation" The bottom line is anything out of box is "designed" to addict you to that product…ie "can't eat just one" that's exactly what they want.
I wish all people God's love and peace. And I am here to support everyone in their effort to follow a healthier path in their life. Best wishes, Junebug77

SlatonLeo 2011-08-27 16:09:16 -0500 Report

Yes self education can go along way to help in this battle we all face with diabetes, whether it is TypeI or Type II, we must all do our part to keep learning more. I have learned a great deal from this community and am so encouraged by the stories that are shared here and the discussions as well.
Yep change is good in some things, I think God allows us some problems like diabetes to wake us up to what we did wrong by eating too much and not exercising.
Now before some get hot and bothered please know that I am aware that some of you have diabetes because it is inherited or because of certain surgerie you underwent. But at least for my case it was because I was lazy, and over indulged in too many things that were not good. So now I have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. But I do know it caused me to wake up and now I try to eat sensable, exercise and most of all Trust God to see me through all this because He is true and faithful to be with me in spite of my shortcomings, He teaches me and comforts me when I am down wit His Word, The Bible, which by the way is a good life guide for us all.
Well that is my view point and I am sticking with it.
Please get educated about diabetes and then make the right choices for yourself.
Once agin I am thankful for folks like you and others in this community we all challenge each other and shhare what we can about what works for us each story is different, but very helpful in understanding what we can do for each other.
Well I guess I rambled too much, but these are what I feel and know at to be true too.

joni55 2010-04-30 14:08:43 -0500 Report

Good for you! I am so glad you are doing so well. I came off of Metformin a few weeks ago because my blood sugar readings were getting low. I truly believe God has healed me. I have changed my diet and have lost 22 pounds. It is a start. Now for the hard part, exercise. EWW! LOL

CFSZ93 2011-08-27 21:52:33 -0500 Report

It's Aug 2011 and what I"m experiencing is nothing short of a big picture, by taking insulin, Lantus as a matter of fact…I'm 47 and need to lose 100 lbs. So I take Metformin, since becoming a Diabetic 12 yrs ago. Yeah, had the AC1 under good control, but for about 4 to 5 yrs it's been not manageable so my AC 1 is in the 10% range. Was told that insulin is the solution to manage the highs and low from Metformin, but this drug didn't work against me until two weeks ago…I mean I could my full dosage of 850 in the AM and 850 in the PM…now I cut the pill in half in the AM and just ride out the day with high peaks then the pill works more on me in the afternoon! I mean I would go to the ER to see why my sugar levels would fall 15 to 20 numbers within an hour, and here I'm drinking juice, or shots of glucol

Anonymous 2010-05-01 00:12:56 -0500 Report

wow so amazing huh how u did it wow nice i wish u can help me out 2 lose my weights so easy 2 gain but hard 2 lose..i need ur support plz :) thnx…

PattiJL 2010-05-24 16:51:09 -0500 Report

You are an inspiration!! I too was on actos as well as metphormin, and i stopped the actos mainly because of the cost. I am ordering the book you recommended "there is a cure for diabetes". Thank you and god bless!!

Deb-G 2010-04-08 20:26:48 -0500 Report

If you believe it…I have a bridge i'd like to sell ya :D hehe

2011-07-31 23:49:31 -0500 Report

Hey Deb-G not only the bridge, but some beautiful prime beach front property in Iowa I would love to get rid of!! Lol!! :D

Junebug77 2010-04-12 13:25:08 -0500 Report

The London Bridge is located in Lake Havasu City, AZ.
So there's the bridge and now "the rest of the story" I bought "There is a cure for diabetes" by Dr. Gabriel Cousins… I've lost 70lbs in under one year; I've gotten OFF Lantis insulin injections and Actos oral medication. I'm on one oral medication now and a thyroid supplement (which I will take the rest of my life). I'm going to lose another 120 lbs and yes I plan to be cured of this disease and be off the other oral medication within the next year…to make a final point…not all the
answers are in CONVENTIONAL medicine. The biggest problems we face as diabetics is processed manufactured food…It isn't food. I lost 30 lbs just last summer from growing my own cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans…I had a ball.
I can't wait to garden again this year.
Back in 2005 I was put on the insulin by a doctor; already weighing in at 240lbs ( I was working on it…previous weight before this was 285…(I'm also 6ft tall) I shot up 100lbs because of the side effects…I was outraged. As a professional home economist (college degreed) I decided to find some REAL answers to some of these problems. I was on the phone with my sister one day and told her since I am the one with a brain impairment why don't you go get a degree in nutrition and we'll get this all figured out…so she took a 9 month course and did just that. I am so proud of her and now we work on this together. It so cool to have this support/friendship with her, I can't tell you what it means. It is so great!!!!
There are some amazing discoveries await you if you do the research. Happy Hunting.
I got this book by listening to a friend who used to weigh over 300 lbs and now is a normal weight and diet. No more pills and no more shots…

zensatori 2010-04-07 20:04:34 -0500 Report

I've read all of this guy's books. When I had pre-diabetes and did follow a raw foods, low-glycemic diet, my numbers were good. Unfortunately I didn't keep eating that way.

Now that I am newly diagnosed, I wanted to go to the Tree of Life and get some support on eating this way. I was turned away because I had diabetes and couldn't do their very expensive, 21-day program. Left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Although I think it's misleading for him to claim he has a "cure", I do think this way of eating can get my numbers in a normal range, very quickly, and without medication. But if I eat like a normal American, I'd go right back to diabetic blood sugars. With that "explanation", I do recommend reading his book and the video - Raw for 30 Days.

Junebug77 2010-11-20 02:58:33 -0600 Report

Zensation, I haven't been in here in a long time and was re-reading these post…I thought I would just give you an update…Nov 2009 I fell coming out of walmart and broke my ankle…I was in a velcro boot for 3 solid months…I'm just now getting back on track but I'm also still losing weight…this is all such a personal journey. I want to encourage your to keep at it. Self disapline is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves no matter the topic…you just have to realize that you're worth it. Go to this website… and you'll find a great support system; yes they sell some products, supplements etc…but the basics on the food will keep you on your journey.
In your post you tell us that when ever you eat "American" you go right back to higher blood sugar…you need to listen to what you said…that's where the disapline can help you…It's like we have to UNLEARN the lies. has a book…(I know, one more book) this one is called "God's Way" . It's about the food industry and the healthy way God made everything for us. Keep reading.. and exploring what works for you. It's all about BALANCE…you can still eat "AMERICAN" just not every meal…Start working on your portion control too…that can help keep the balance. Disapline isn't about never having something you've done without for a long time…it's about choosing when and how much…This is where I have been getting my biggest success…I'm still keeping it green and raw but I let myself have things like…Rocky Road..but I DON"T eat the whole carton or even the pint…get it? Let me know if the light bulbs are coming on lol…Wish you all the BEST. Junebug

joni55 2010-04-30 14:12:49 -0500 Report

It really stinks that people put their pocket books before helping people. Every time I try to look up herbal remedies, I get the same thing. They want to sell me some drink or something.

Galen the Greek
Galen the Greek 2010-10-26 12:10:42 -0500 Report

And the Phamacuticals are gift giving???? Sorry,

kdroberts 2010-10-26 12:29:00 -0500 Report

No, but all the information regarding their treatments are regulated, available for free very easily and have multiple scientific studies and trials that you can look at and evaluate. The natural and alternative treatments are largely unregulated, almost all produces of a product have no studies to back up their claims or conduct their own studies and release selected information about it and generally want a lot more money for their product without giving any information about it or showing that it actually works.

It's a lot easier for some guy on the street to scam people out of a lot of money with claims of natural cures and treatments than it is for a pharmaceutical company to do the same with with their drugs.

KitKatt93 2010-04-06 22:04:55 -0500 Report

My aunt has books on natural cures and such and believes in that and home remedies. She gave my mom a book called What They Don't Want You To Know and another like it and she said she will find ways to help cure my little sister of diabetes. I embarrassingly believed her a little bit and read it but it seemed like impossible expecially for a one year old or at all.


Galen the Greek
Galen the Greek 2010-10-26 12:18:38 -0500 Report

Lets use some logic, if you recieved a diseae from living naturaly (not from lead poisoning or some tragic accident) doesn't it seem that there is a natural cure? The problem is that we don't eat correctly. nature never meant for us to eat foods treated with pesticides, corn syrup, caffiene and other artificial chemicals. So our body reacts because it doesn't know what to do. Its like putting maple syrup in your gas tank. The car will run, for a very short time, and then react to the sugar in the gas, and freeze up. Your Aunt is on the right road, but needs more help in educating everyone about why the body reacts to the foods we eat. Study it more before you condemn your Aunt. galen

MAYS 2010-04-06 22:19:49 -0500 Report

Katt, there is no cure for type 1 diabetes, the pancreas doesn't produce insulin at all or it produces it in such a small quantity at first as the insulin producing beta cells are destroyed leading to non production, that renders it useless.

Type 2 diabetes can be managed thru diet, so the books info should suffice, and pre-diabetes can be eliminated and prevented from leading to type 2 diabetes by also controlling your diet and food selection intake.

There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, please do not apply any of these natural cures or remedies to your baby sister, she is a type 1, you will be doing her more harm than good, please follow the doctors orders !


KitKatt93 2010-04-06 22:44:31 -0500 Report

I understood after I looked at the links you provided and one showed the body and how it works or how it doesnt work being a type one diabetic. That why her books are impossible to believe. Everything I look up that seems hopeful is for type2. I don't understand why they can't do pancreas transplants just like they do kidneys and even hearts or give her an artificial pancreas that would be so cool. Nothing natural can fix my sister but something scientific must besides so many shots. That video with that little boy made me cry when I saw all the shots he would tak in a week, month, year…my mom always fed us easy precooked food, is that why she is sick. I make her dinners and lay out her lunch in fridge so she eats healthier but mom gives her cereal for breakfast. Something must help take this away from her :(


Galen the Greek
Galen the Greek 2010-10-26 12:25:31 -0500 Report

Tell your Mom that Corn Syrup is the root of the curse. get her off the ceriels and breads. Look at the ingredients and look for corn syrup, or any deritive of corn. Its a beginning. More info to follow.

MAYS 2010-04-06 23:06:31 -0500 Report

Type 2 diabetes is self induced, meaning you caused it, you can manage it by taking better care of yourself, watching your diet and exercising.

Artificial transplants are still in the experimental stage although great progress is being made, the closest thing to one right now is an insulin pump.

In type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system, for reasons unknown to the medical field, attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cells, leaving the body unable to produce insulin, that's why type 1 diabetics must take insulin, if not they will die.

Pancreas transplants can be done but they are expensive, require that you take drugs for the rest of your life to prevent your body from rejecting the newly transplanted pancreas and it doesn't work all of the time.
Previously when tried, they also had to give you a portion of the donors small intestine also, I don't know if that is still the case now.

It is a bit more complex than it seems, so it's nothing that she was fed, it's just what her body is not doing, producing insulin.

Watch out for and take very good care of her, she needs you more than you can ever imagine.


KitKatt93 2010-04-06 23:24:36 -0500 Report

Hello Mays you know so much about diabetes. Are you like a dieabetes educator? or totally smart? Thank you for telling me I get the difference between them. I am watching out for her all the time when I not in school and next year Im going to home school myself so I can be with her in the daytime too.


KitKatt93 2010-04-07 21:55:43 -0500 Report

Hello Mays, I just looked it up and left a response. Thank you for putting that information up. You are a great help to me and my sister.


GabbyPA 2010-04-07 08:13:33 -0500 Report

While there are many factors to type 2, it is not a self induced disease. It is caused by an auto immune break down, but it works differently than type 1. While there are many things that we can do to limit it's impact, those who have it run in the family are genetically pre-disposed to it. The idea that it is caused solely by one's own fault is not the case. In-fact, quite the opposite is being proposed by research, in that those with the propensity to have type 2 often deal with what many used to consider causes as symptoms of the disease instead.

Diaschm 2011-07-31 12:48:55 -0500 Report

Gabby i really respect your knowledge. I am glad you cleared this up because my father was a diabetic and I think that I was genetically pre-disposed to it. I never carried alot of extra weight and eight pretty well now I eat glycemic diet. Thanks for commenting on this.

MrsCDogg 2011-07-31 08:28:42 -0500 Report

Bravo!! It really gets my goat when ANYONE has the nerve to say that type 2 is "self induced"! Thank you Gabby couldn't have said it better.

lilsista39 2011-08-26 23:06:01 -0500 Report

I know this is coming in real late but the subject hit me like a brick wall self induced are you kidding.What planet did you come from and what Dr. told you this if I loose my temper Gabby please (mom,Aunt Dot & God )forgive me … I'll have you know that my mother was in a horrific car crash that damaged her internally and she lost her pancreas,spleen and most of her liver.who gave birth to 13 children lived a very healthy lifestyle,didnt complain about much accept for when it rained,was more active than your average sports mom should be I think.But yes she did have type2 diabetes.And yes on the 1st of August 2011 she did pass on due to complications due to diabetes my father kept most her health problems a secret from all of us so it would not interrupt our lives.Which is the way she would have wanted it any ways, so before you go saying self induced get all your facts first…Thank you Gabby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAYS 2010-04-07 08:43:43 -0500 Report

It's self induced in the sense of you can (most of the time) prevent it if when diagnosed as a Pre-Diabetic, if you take the proper and necessary steps to live a healthier lifestyle coupled with proper eating habits, nutrition and exercise.

Although no one is born as a Type 2 diabetic, genetics MAY prove to be a factor, although that has not yet been inconclusively established, that is one of the reasons for the insurance companies reluctance in the past to cover a type 2 diabetic as they did a type 1 diabetic.

(It was one of the major hurdles in the Health Care Reform Bill \ Law)

The following paragraph comes from webMD website :

( Who Gets Type 2 Diabetes?
Anyone can get type 2 diabetes. However, those at highest risk for the disease are those who are obese or overweight, women who have had gestational diabetes, people with family members who have type 2 diabetes and people who have metabolic syndrome (a cluster of problems that include high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low good 'HDL' cholesterol and a high bad 'LDL' cholesterol, and high blood pressure). In addition, older people are more susceptible to developing the disease since aging makes the body less tolerant of sugars.

In addition, people who smoke, have inactive lifestyles, or have certain dietary patterns have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.)


From the American Diabetes Association Website :

(Type 2 diabetes has a stronger genetic basis than type 1, yet it also depends more on environmental factors. Sound confusing? What happens is that a family history of type 2 diabetes is one of the strongest risk factors for getting the disease but it only seems to matter in people living a Western lifestyle.

Americans and Europeans eat too much fat and too little carbohydrate and fiber, and they get too little exercise. Type 2 diabetes is common in people with these habits. The ethnic groups in the United States with the highest risk are African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Pima Indians.

In contrast, people who live in areas that have not become Westernized tend not to get type 2 diabetes, no matter how high their genetic risk.

Obesity is a strong risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Obesity is most risky for young people and for people who have been obese for a long time.)

(Type 2 diabetes: your child's risk

Type 2 diabetes runs in families. In part, this tendency is due to children learning bad habits eating a poor diet, not exercising—from their parents. But there is also a genetic basis.

In general, if you have type 2 diabetes, the risk of your child getting diabetes is 1 in 7 if you were diagnosed before age 50 and 1 in 13 if you were diagnosed after age 50.

Some scientists believe that a child's risk is greater when the parent with type 2 diabetes is the mother. If both you and your partner have type 2 diabetes, your child's risk is about 1 in 2.

People with certain rare types of type 2 diabetes have different risks. If you have the rare form called maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY), your child has almost a 1-in-2 chance of getting it, too.)


I'm not arguing that genetics doesn't play a part in diabetes, but the ownership is on the individual and lifestyle more so than on genetics for a type 2 diabetic most of the time.


GabbyPA 2010-04-07 09:16:10 -0500 Report

I am not saying that there needs to be no responsibility taken by the individual. We do need to take care to mind our own bodies well, but to say it is self induced is old school thinking. It is also misleading in that it makes people feel that if they are doing all the right things, that their diabetes goes away. It does not.

To me, self induced is a finger wag in the face.

Yes, our western diets are a HUGE part in it, but it is often the hidden things in processed foods that cause some of the most drastic issues. So unless you eat only organic and home grown foods, processed things are in our lives from infancy. What do you say to a poor person who can only afford "poisoned" foods? Do we blame them for getting diabetes? Or if you are basically healthy, eating right and living a healthy lifestyle and you get type 2 anyway, is that their "fault"?

Your own article shows that the genetics plays a very large part in it. Type 2's are blessed in that we do have the opportunity to manage our disease with diet and exercise unlike type 1, but it is still a genetic and medical issue that strikes people who eat carrot sticks as well as doughnuts.

I suppose I am so sensitive to this because in my family, all body types have been afflicted with this. Healthy, farm boys, out door adventure seekers, garden growers....some are thin, some are not, but all have type 2. I am the last to get it. I hope it stops with me.

MAYS 2010-04-07 10:38:40 -0500 Report

No arguments here, I understand the sensitivity of diabetes for various reasons, neither do I point fingers nor wag them for any reason, I'm just a realist who believes in action and accountability after careful research and ownership of one's participation in anything in life either direct or indirect, we are all here to help or receive help, not to hurt any one in any way.


GabbyPA 2010-04-07 10:49:24 -0500 Report

I know you are. You always have great posts and good links. I always appreciate your contributions.

azrollin 2010-04-11 03:11:12 -0500 Report

Interesting information. My family has no history of diabetes. I am not overweight. Only smoked cigarettes for 2 years in my 20's. Don't like the taste of anything with alcohol. I've had a very stressful job before I retired. Annual physical check-ups OK, BP under control (stopped taking meds). I'm now wondering how I got T2 a year ago.

MAYS 2010-04-12 13:59:17 -0500 Report

It is now believed that stress can be a contributing factor in becoming a Type 2 diabetic, maybe the stress in your life played a part in this.

Zimoss 2010-04-20 03:00:47 -0500 Report

Health insurance paying for type 2's has nothing to do with the cause but rather the cost.

1) only about 10% of diabetics are type 1
2) most type 2's don't get diagnosed until there has already been significant damage (like kidney/ eye damage)- which automatically increases costs substantially.
3) due to the overwhelming amount of people with type 2 the costs are also higher just because of the # of people being treated. (think that about 1 in 100 are type to compare that is like treating 1 person or treating 99… which is going to be more expensive???)

joni55 2010-04-30 14:22:08 -0500 Report

I think it puts too much of a burden on people if they exclusively think it is their fault, when in fact it isn't. Some people just get it, even if they do take care of themselves.

Junebug77 2010-04-12 13:46:34 -0500 Report

I'd like to reccomend a book to you; "Fast Food Nation" It has been clearly established that they "design" the food they make to create in us to be addicted to their product.
Your statements on transplants is very accurate. Thanks for being so tender too, my heart goes out to Katt's little sister.

Junebug77 2010-04-12 13:33:37 -0500 Report

Kitt, if you can get her to drink some green vegetable juices it would help her normalize her blood sugar reading. I agree the cereal is very bad for her. Proceessed food of anykind is bad for her.

Junebug77 2010-04-12 13:47:41 -0500 Report

What I meant to impart is that green juicing is healing to the body no matter what condition you have.

KitKatt93 2010-04-12 21:11:28 -0500 Report

Hello June and thanks for your advice. I don't know if she will like green vegetable juice so what about V8 juice?

Junebug77 2010-04-13 11:15:42 -0500 Report

no, this is a "pre-manufactured" product like anything out of a box. So I wouldn't count on it. What you need is to get to the green…like kale, chard, cucumbers.,celery.
Let me look in one of my books and I'll post a recipe for you to try.

Junebug77 2010-04-13 12:01:05 -0500 Report

Basic Green Juice
3 bell peppers (all colors/one color or mixed)
1/2 to one avacado
3 c. greens (spinach, kale, collards, cilantro)
2 T lemon juice
2 T ginger juice
2 c. water (filtered)
Toss all ingredients into the blender and blend to a creamy consistency.

If you absolutley have to you can sweeten with Stevia but go easy with this or it will make it bitter. Try 1/2 an apple (juice only)Also because you sister is so little reduce the lemon & ginger to 1T each.
To make it really easy, just try one type of green to start…like spinach.
You need to assess your kitchen equipment…I have a vita mix machine and it will literally liquify this recipe, no problem. If what you have is a blender or even a food processor your going to need to "strain" it. You can find a special "bag" for this at your local hardward store (cheaper there). Your looking for a Paint straining bag. It will strain out what the machine doesn't liquify.
You can also use these bags to strain nut mylks. Like almonds, walnuts…
Regular milk from the store is a major sugar hit to anyones system.
Oh, one more thing…when you try a sip of any juice you make because these changes are unique to say the least and mean adjustments by US…don't let your little sister SEE any reaction…LOL If her little body is up for it…she could really "love" because she needs it so much.

joni55 2010-04-30 14:16:27 -0500 Report

I am type 2 and have my numbers low. Is cereal still bad? Is granola bad? I can't buy it from a healthfood store.

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