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Hello everybody I hope I am doing this right. My baby sister Kylie is 14 months old and was diagnosed with diabetes less than a month ago. I take care of her except when I go to school but I cant go to her apointments to see what the docter says. I prick her foot and check her blood sugars before I go to school, when I get home and before I put her in bed. I give Kylie 2 shots a day and I think my mom gives her one when I'm in school. I don't know what I am doing and I am scared something is going to happen to her. Her blood got low tonight and I gave her juice because the stuff I was suppose to give her she kept spitting out. I got so scared. It's just me and my sister and I don't know that much about diabetics. I can't see her docter because I have to go to school and I asked my mom if I could go with her but I can't miss school. Can anybody please help me?

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kdroberts 2010-04-04 20:54:11 -0500 Report

That's a lot of responsibility for somebody like you. There is help out there for you and your family but you'll need to track it down.

1. Go to this website and select your state in the dropdown on the left then click on the city that is closest to you. That will give you the details of your local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Call them up and ask for some help, they will help you out with education and resources.
2. Go here and look for a branch close to you. The American Diabetes Association will be able to give you some assistance.
3. Call 211 and ask for contact info for local diabetes associations. You should find a local, independent one that will help you out. This is available to a lot of people but may not be available where you live, give it a try though.
4. You can always call your sisters doctor and ask for help. They should be able to give you guidance on what to do and will probably refer you to somebody who may be able to set up in home visits and general help which would be covered under insurance so would be no or very low cost.

The best thing about talking to local organizations is that they know your area, what services are available and who to contact to get them.

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 23:00:53 -0500 Report

Hello KdRoberts, Your information is so hopeful that I have alot of hope right now and that has me happy crying right now. Thanks very much!


Crashnot 2010-04-04 18:06:50 -0500 Report

Would you be willing to share what city and state you live in? I'd be happy to find if there is a diabetes clinic within driving distance that you could visit or call for some support if you can share that information.

MAYS 2010-04-04 17:34:56 -0500 Report


You can check out these videos, which may be helpful to you :

You need a general understanding of diabetes, what it is, what it does and what you can do concerning it.

Please be very careful and protective of your baby sister, she cannot do for, or take care of herself, inform and\ or discuss anything that you may see or hear with your parents, no matter how small you may think that it is, everything is important !


You may be interested in viewing these videos (click on the links) :

And this website :

GabbyPA 2010-04-04 16:50:13 -0500 Report

What a great responsibility for a big sister to take on. There is a lot to learn and you will do that and make some great friends who can help you through some of the tougher times. Is there a particular reason that you are taking on so much of the care of your sister?

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 17:24:45 -0500 Report

Because no one else can take care of her. Thank God summer is close so I can have her 7-4 now to and have her ok. I dont mind doing it, I love her and she needs me but I need soooo much help.

GabbyPA 2010-04-04 17:36:50 -0500 Report

Is there a way that she can qualify for in home health services? It is so vital that at her age someone is there for her, as she cannot do for herself. What kind of coverage is she on right now?

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 17:43:50 -0500 Report

My dad has insurance for us so we can aford medicines. I can take care of her, I just need help. She is not old so I dont think in home health services would be good because they would wonder why she needs that when i am home. I just need to learn.

GabbyPA 2010-04-04 19:47:28 -0500 Report

The reason I brought up home health is that they may be able to come and teach you things one on one. A home health care person came to teach my mom how to inject her insulin. Even to explain your need, they may have an idea of where to go. Sometimes you have to follow a trail, but it has to start somewhere.

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 22:57:19 -0500 Report

I didn't know they would come just to teach you I thought it was where they took care of people. I am kind of scared of that because of what my friends said that they might think my mom and dad are neglecting Kylie but theyre not. I think that would be helpful so I think I will ask my mom what she thinks about it unless if they come when she is gone and she wouldnt know. That would work!. You have good thoughts.


scribbles 2010-04-04 16:42:54 -0500 Report

Hi Kitkatt. Welcome to Diabetic Connect. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but we're usually honest.
With summer coming, you will get out of school for a while. If needed, lay down the law to your mom. Either she arranges to have you taught by a Diabetes Educator , a Nurse Practitioner, or a Doctor - or she takes FULL responsibility for your sister. (Harsh, buty realistic)
As to why your sister spits out the "stuff" you are supposed to give her - it's probably 'glucagon' (sp?) or something like it and that stuff is AWFUL!! It tastes worse than burnt eggs!
Keep us posted and be strong, it WILL get easier to handle.

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 17:22:11 -0500 Report

lol I tried a taste of that and its gross. It is glucagon I think. I am going to ask the school nurse like spiritwalker suggested so maybe she will teach me. My mom might let me get license now and let me take her to her appointments figuring summer is close. She won't take full responsibility but I like to take care of my sister I just need help.

spiritwalker 2010-04-04 15:02:02 -0500 Report

Kitkat, welcome to DC. I think your sister is lucky to have you. Diabetes is the same for both children and adults. Treatments will vary. If you are a main
caregiver for your sister you need training. Seek some diabetic education from either your Dr. or diabetes education center at a hospital. Discuss with your
parents. If there is no help there I suggest you approach a nurse at school or
a school social worker and explain what is going on at home. They should be
able to find a source so that you can learn to safely care for Kylie. Good luck.
Keep checking in here. we will help in anyway we can.

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 17:18:23 -0500 Report

Hello and thank you spiritwalker. I can talk to school nurse, mrs.Orr and I get along good and I never thought about asking her. There are diabetics i think in my school and she is a nurse so she should know. I don't drive and it's hard to make it places plus I never have time because I go to school and take care of Kylie. School nurse is a good idea. Thank you.

MAYS 2010-04-04 12:42:47 -0500 Report

Hello and Welcome to Diabetic Connect.

I am not going to tell you what is right or wrong or how to do it,
What I am about to state is based more on common sense, this issue of you injecting your baby sister should be discussed between your parents, doctor and yourself, and if deemed necessary for you to do so, proper technique and knowledge of diabetes and the importance of such should be (instruction wise) given and displayed to you by your doctor in the presence of your parents.

Diabetes is a very serious disease and the proper treatment of such should be professionally taught, you can find things out online but it's better to receive this training and information as well as educational instruction from your doctor, do so for both your sister and your personal benefit, discuss this with your parents first.


KitKatt93 2010-04-04 17:14:52 -0500 Report

Hello Mays. My mom taught me how to giver her shots and it's not that hard to do. There is no one else to give Kylie her medicine except me. I havent been able to talk to the Docter because I am in school when she goes and I am not allowed to have any tardys so I need help.

MAYS 2010-04-04 17:25:45 -0500 Report

I just think that having a doctor go over this with you, also educating you on diabetes, it's possible complications as well as what to look for and expect would be worth the time and ease your mind some what, if your parents and you, yourself are all comfortable with it then by all means continue, at least get to know about diabetes and any emergency measures that may or may not become necessary.
I highly respect you for your responsible attitude and actions.


KitKatt93 2010-04-04 17:34:29 -0500 Report

I think you are right I want to know it all but I havent been able to go to the docter with her so far. This summer I hope my mom will take me along or let me take her but I need my license first. My mom doesnt see that I take care of her so she doesnt like docters to know that. My dad is never home at nights anymore so he doesnt count. lol wonder maybe i can adopt her.

Thank you.


Harlen 2010-04-04 10:31:48 -0500 Report

I feel for you
May I ask how old are you ????
and why are you giving the baby her shots?
this would scare me and I am 46
Keep intuch
Best wishes

KitKatt93 2010-04-04 10:45:07 -0500 Report

Hello Harlen. I am 16 years old. I give her shots because my mom says she needs them and its just me and her here most times when I'm home. She only cries sometimes from the shots but I give them in her legs. It did scare me at first but I have to do it for her.

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