tired of headaches

angela d
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tired of headaches already sometimes i cant eat much well every since my high level sugar attack of 200 at 10pm i have had a headache since also very tired in the mornin gettin cranky and dreaden summer cause my ibs acts up and im not able to eat much was very sick at the end of the summer dizzy spells hot flashes ans so fourth at the time didnt realize i had diabeties now i know but still what do i do…

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MAYS 2010-04-02 16:37:34 -0500 Report


You need to have your doctor give you a complete physical.
You and your doctor need to work out a plan of action to deal with your diabetes and whatever other ailments that you have, that is your best bet, professional medical help, don't rely on anything short of this, there may be other underlining causes of your headache.

Together you, your doctor, a endocrinologist and a dietician should be able to come up with an acceptable, workable solution !


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