Diabetics, Live for the challenge !

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Diabetes is tough to handle, swallow and most of all, to deal with.

Diabetes turns you into a competitor in life, for life.

As a diabetic, your hurdles are many, time consuming and continuous, lifelong for that matter.

While others rest, you race, but for a good reason, survival, your survival !

Management is the key to survival, management of time, supplies, and resources.


Management of self, controlling your emotions and your attitude, trying to keep it positive and stabilized as much as possible and always looking forward to reaching that goal that you have set for yourself.

Tell yourself that instead of it getting easier, it gets done (because it must) !


Are you up to the challenge ?

" Mays "

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shorty31 2010-03-31 11:00:55 -0500 Report

yes you can bring up interesting thing to think about. because life is a fighting battle just because we are faced with diabeties doesn't mean to throw in the towel, it mean to fight to get better.that what must be done so now we have to do it how many fighters are out there.

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