Beginning with the End in Mind .. Stephen Covey

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Everything you do in life is created twice: first
in the mind, then in reality.

An architect imagines the finished building before setting out to create it.

Imagine your future with diabetes.

You might see yourself as a self-care expert, able to handle any problem or situation with confidence.

You might even imagine a life that is healthier, more secure, more empowered than ever.

That’s what Beginning with the End in Mind is
all about: creating a vision for your life, based on what is most important to you, your deepest values.

Take a few moments to identify them.
Making choices in harmony with those values will guide your vision to reality.

Now imagine a successful life with diabetes. Use the 7 self-care behaviors as a “road map,” each behavior a milestone toward your destination.

Choose one behavior and set a small goal.

For “Being Active,” it might be, I will take a 15-minute walk every day.

For Healthy Eating, I will switch from whole milk to skim milk.

For “Monitoring,” I will stay on top of my blood
glucose measures as recommended by my medical team.

Imagine what you are capable of — then go for it!

Stephen Covey, in collaboration with Bayer.

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shorty31 2010-03-29 10:41:20 -0500 Report

that is a good way to look at it instead feelin sorry set a plain and just go for it. i was so please with this that i wrote them down. thanks

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