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Pat Roth
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I just learned from our local drug store that if I get a Dr's order for diabetic shoes, Medicare will pay for them, plus the orthotics! I have had flat feet, crooked, paid big bucks for the past 30 years to get good shoes, PLUS the fitting of expensive orthotics—-I have just been diagnosed as a diabetic the past 3 years, but was assurred that now with my Dr's approval, I can get them free!

I see my Dr Tues and will ask him for a script, it SHOULD be no problem as I had complained to him a few months ago that my current shoes/orthotics, were worn out, feet starting to hurt more if I was on them too much—-

I posted this as I didn't know if others could have access to this freebie, or not. I used to feel badly for being a cheapskate, do not like charity, but after all of the meds etc and big bucks I have poured down the rat hole, called good meds—etc—-I am willing to swallow my pride and TRY!

As it is, my soc sec. check is $550 a mo, and I use ALL of it on my meds—-I had had several cheaper sources lined up before the govt interrferred, now am paying thru the nose—-so figure they owe me!!Probably not the best attitude to have in our Democratic country—BUT——sometimes survival enters in and we do what we have to do!

Hope this news helps someone else!! lol, Pat Roth

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TsalagiLenape 2013-02-10 10:39:04 -0600 Report

Thanks for the tip! Great about your attitude. I have found out its best to be your advocate when it comes to your health. My own doctors are finding out that I do research and etc. So its not like I am uninformed. Yet when it comes to survival as you aptly put it, then heck yeah do what you gotta do! Hugs

lorider70 2013-02-10 10:26:54 -0600 Report

I am 69 yrs old, type II since 1989, current weight 146(216 when diagnosed), fasting BS 110, A1C 6.8 (in Jan. 2013) Foot and leg problems were part of my complaints that led to diagnosis in '89. Went to a podiatrist a few weeks ago for plantars facitis and a small foot ulcer. The podiatrist suggested diabetic shoes and I told her to order them. She said they would get the needed paperwork from my regular Dr. and they would arrive in about a week. I checked a week or so later and was told by the podiatrist that they hadn't gotten the paperwork from my Dr. I call him and was told that an appointment had to be made to "confirm" that I was diabetic ( really?; after 25 years of treatment?) I told them that it sounded to me that all they really wanted was to bill medicare and my supplement for an unnecessary visit. As it stands now, I will wait for my next scheduled appointment and they can do the "confirmation of diabetes" then. In the meantime, I will continue to wear my current shoes, and maybe consider changing to a doctor that isn't quite so greedy.

spiritwalker 2010-03-29 19:30:18 -0500 Report

Just sharing basic medicare information here. In order to get Orthotics and shoes you must have Diabetes with complications such as charcot joint disease,
foot deformity do to amputation or neropathy, and other foot deformations
related to diabetes. When I got my first pair it took awhile my Interist, Endo,and Orhtopedic Drs. had to submit medical records and x-rays. Once
that was approved it was only a matter of weeks until my shoes were

shorty31 2010-03-29 17:36:49 -0500 Report

thanks for the information i have medicare i didn't know that it would pay. i also am on a fixed income i get 697 but i don't have to pay as much for my med. madicare has a program where they will help you at a low cost for meds. i think you might need a supplimental with i'll find out and let you know.

10fluffy35 2010-03-29 17:28:08 -0500 Report

Hi Pat, I am also a Pat and on SS and medicare. There is nothing
wrong with your attitude. You worked your whole life. You
deserve some help when needed. I go to dr in June and will
ask her questions on shoes.

spiritwalker 2010-03-29 11:13:10 -0500 Report

Pat, Medicare will pay for 1 pr of shoes, orthotics,( up to 3 pair per year),
and in some cases Pressure stockings. They must be purchases from a
medicare approved vendor source. The Dr. just has to file the conditions
for which you need these and the paperwork ect to prove conditions.
Diabetes,neuropathy with charcot joint disease and so forth. Medicare
may have one of their Drs. review the claim. I had no problem. I use
Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics. They are great and do all the paper
work for you. They are nation wide. I hope you get your new shoes
and orthics soon.

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