blindness and technology

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Hey everyone hope this is alright to post here if not i am sorry i did not know. My best friend is blind and he depends on Jaws for his work and to navigate online. Especially with diabetes we could experience becoming blind so it is imporant that we know this information. I have been having vision problems if i go blind i can not afford $1500 at one time for the jaws software. If you can take the time to look over this and if you agree then please sign the petition it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.

hello everyone. as many of us know, the jaws for windows screen-reading software product, made by freedom scientific inc., is one of the most popular programs among blind and visually impaired people. unfortunately, it is also one of the most expensive. many of us simply do not have the necessary financial income to purchase such a costly software. therefore, a petition has been written to encourage the company to change their policy, allowing the jaws software to become more affordable, by making it lease-to-own. if this petition is accepted by FS, many of us will be able to purchase jaws by paying periodically in smaller amounts, instead of the one giant amount at once. this will be very convenient, and many more people will be encouraged to buy the product. if you agree that this is indeed what freedom scientific should do, please sign the petition by following the link below, and clicking on the sign petition button. i'm sure many of us will greatly appreciate it. thank you all for your cooperation and your time.

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