Diabetes and my Eyes

By lindy1964 Latest Reply 2010-03-30 09:30:19 -0500
Started 2010-03-27 20:15:40 -0500

I have diabetes, well 2 weeks ago I started to have vision problems/blurry vision, so I went to see my Dr. He raised my insulin from 1 shot of 10 units a day to 4 shots a day. I have been doing this now for 3 days and my eye site is back to normal. My sugar runs over 300 all the time, so I recommend to anyone that is starting to have vision problems or blurry vision to see your Dr right away. He is also sending me to a Diabetic Specialist

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GabbyPA 2010-03-30 09:30:19 -0500 Report

It is great that you thought to go to your doctor so quickly. This is what makes diabetes such a sneaky disease. It is a quiet disease that strikes all over. Keeping on top of our levels is our first defense. Being aware of what is happening is vital, so know your body. Pay attention to when it is telling you something is wrong. You will be glad you did. Good job Lindy, I hope that your levels are going down too. Seeing an endo will help you a lot. They understand the whole spectrum far better than a family doctor.

shorty31 2010-03-27 20:26:40 -0500 Report

i went threw the same thing with my eyes. and now they are getting worse i have part bifocals now i think i need complete bifocals. i go next month i can't see small words at all. the look like black lines.

Harlen 2010-03-27 20:24:02 -0500 Report

First thing I would do is take care of my high BS
anything over 145 can do damege to you I wish to keep my eyes for as long as I can.
Best wishes