Run Hide Dont answer the Door

By Harlen Latest Reply 2012-12-17 10:36:58 -0600
Started 2010-03-27 20:07:58 -0500

Hello friends
Yes they are out there right now hunting you Dont look over your shoulder they are there.
They are at every store they come to your home they are out to get you You know who they are that one next door the one that lives down the street then theres the ones you have as kin they are every where.
They got me I had to have one box lol
Have fun all lol
Best wishes

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jayabee52 2012-04-16 12:37:16 -0500 Report

In one of the Addams family movies a Girl scout was giving Wednesday Addams a hard time at her lemonaide stand, asking if the lemonaide was made with real lemons. When Wednesday said that it was made from real lemons the girl scout said she'd buy the lemonaide if Wed. would buy a box of Girl scout cookies. Wednesday asked "Are they made from REAL girl scouts?" At which the GS huffed and walked away.

GabbyPA 2012-04-17 10:00:29 -0500 Report

I remember that scene, it was classic! I enjoyed those movies as well. Maybe if they were made with "real girlscouts" I would be less inclined to eat them? eeewwww

Type1Lou 2012-12-16 16:35:27 -0600 Report

They probably would have been a lower-carb option…

Type1Lou 2012-12-17 08:51:05 -0600 Report

I think it varies by area of the country…but I do remember, in my GS days so very long ago, that it was in the spring! Your recollection of the Addams family quip about GS cookies made of real GS's reminded me of the 1973 film "Soylent Green"…The mind is a terrible thing!

techguy87114 2012-04-16 11:24:17 -0500 Report

I saw them at the local Walmart here & asked if they were going to have any Sugar Free. One of the moms of the GS said it was a great idea and we had a great conversation about Diabetes.. Shes going to take my suggestion back to the GS organization.

I gave in and had to buy a few boxes myself.. moderation and as a treat is how I will eat them. Thin Mints in the freezer- then BAM! whip those bad boys out during the holidays and you are the master. You cant avoid sugar 100% and if youve been dieting/excerisiing and doing well 1 or 2 wont hurt you once in a while.

have to have "cheats" in there a bit to keep things from getting dull and keep them motivating.

Have a great day all-



"keep one foot in the gutter and one fist in the gold"

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-04-15 18:43:20 -0500 Report

Harlan, I don't eat them any more. They are manufactured in plants where nuts are processed. The other day I was in Wal-Mart walking down the cookie aisle. A box of Nabisco Ginger Crackers literally threw themselves into my cart. I tried to get them out but the grip they had on me was right out of a horror movie. They started singing Eat Me at the top of their voices. Needless to say, I took them home and made them nice and comfy. They tasted great.

GabbyPA 2012-04-17 10:01:50 -0500 Report

OMG that is so visual and made me laugh so hard!

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2012-04-17 17:38:30 -0500 Report

LOL. One day in Wal-Mart I told a Sales Associate that the store was haunted because things fall off the shelf into my cart. She said that doesn't happen. We are standing there when something fell off the shelf into my cart. We roared. It was way toooo fuuunnnny.

Caroltoo 2012-04-15 20:32:03 -0500 Report

I hope you didn't have any complications from your gingersnap attack! I guess you are saying you are allergic to nuts. I'm allergic to wheat flour, so I'd have a tummy ache, but gingersnaps do sound sooooo good.

nanaellen 2012-04-15 11:50:08 -0500 Report

Oh Harlen, Harlen, Harlen…what are we gonna do with you??!!! LOLOL You are such a loveable nut!!! Thanks for making me laugh today I REALLY needed that!! LOL So WHICH kind did you get?? :) Bet they were REALLY good huh??!!

GabbyPA 2012-04-15 10:04:13 -0500 Report

It's that time again. I have seen huge billboards with the cookies on them. They make you feel guilty if you don't participate. What I usually do is give them a donation (I was once a girlscout myself) and let them keep the cookies. It is safer for me that way...thin mints don't stand a chance.

jigsaw 2012-04-15 07:05:15 -0500 Report

Glad to see you donated to a good cause! Did you eat the cookies ?

Harlen 2012-04-15 11:53:34 -0500 Report

yes lol

jigsaw 2012-04-15 12:22:48 -0500 Report

Well, I can't get on your case! I had sugar free chocolate covered peanuts the other day! They are apparently loaded with carbs! I refuse to admit what it did to my bg!!! Besides, I would have eaten the cookies too !

JSJB 2012-04-15 03:44:35 -0500 Report

You just have to learn to say no. Did you notice that the quantity and size of the cookies have gotten smaller but the price has gone up. I say no to the cookies but give a donation to the organazation.

squog master
squog master 2011-02-18 18:21:46 -0600 Report

Here in Jersey the sale is about to end. :) I gave in and bought 1 box of thin mints this year. I rationed them into separate portions, bagged them, & put them in the back of the freezer. So I have to practically clean out the freezer to get to them. It was so hard to resist those little toothless smiles & puppy dog eyes looking up at me asking, "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?"

Yasmina 2011-02-18 15:41:01 -0600 Report

One box isn't too bad. Just ration them out so you don't eat them all at one time. I don't buy any of them anymore. We don't have any local girlscouts for neighbors anymore…that helps.

oldbuttercup 2011-02-18 14:53:44 -0600 Report

My family really has my best interest at heart, when I go looking for the Girl Scout
cookies that I know we bought, and I can't find them. I really really do miss those cookies though.
As Always May God Bless You

MewElla 2011-02-18 13:33:53 -0600 Report

I love these cookies but know I can't eat just one…So, I just the scouts some $$ and tell them to take my boxes of cookies I bought home instead of me. This way I feel and they do too.

Meganshene 2011-02-18 12:58:41 -0600 Report

Girl scouts cookies are great but they are getting pricey. I only have a problem if it is a younger one and they ask their mom why nooone will buy from them. That breaks my heart so I buy from them. LOL

Pynetree 2011-02-18 11:34:41 -0600 Report

Thank You Harlen for supporting the Girl Scout Program ! And, while even my twisted reasoning can't make myself believe Cookies are a health food…they are not evil…you just have to enjoy them responsibly…like every other treat! Limit yourself to one or two, add them into your total carbs for the day. Hey, you can do it with your famous Baklava! Right?! Enjoy!

Harlen 2011-02-18 12:30:40 -0600 Report

LOL If I open a box I will eat a box lol

Pynetree 2011-02-18 13:35:24 -0600 Report

LOL! No you won't…you are in control…be strong…just eat two! Uumm…what kind did you buy? If they are Trefoils…the shortbread one have 4. Thin Minds and Do-si-dos…so much harder to only have 2. Enjoy…have one for me!

monkeymama 2010-04-30 11:07:45 -0500 Report

LOF!!! Oh they've tried hitting me up where I live and I stayed strong. Not even the begs from my three kids (ages 8,9, and 12) got me to cave in. They are all over in the places I like to shop at. Still no go there! Gotta protect me and my little boy. One cookie for me would just not be enough. Now wave a piece of chocolate cake frosted with whipped cream. I'll cave in like it is the end of the world. Hang in there and be strong. :)

joni55 2010-04-30 19:00:07 -0500 Report

For me, it is ice cream sundaes, all chocolate. Ice cream - Death By Chocolate, hot fudge, and whipped cream and of course, a cherry. I guess at this point, even the cherry would be out. LOL

JSJB 2012-04-15 03:59:57 -0500 Report

Chocolate, at one time I couldn't go a day without it. Back in the day I would buy a bag of Reeses P/B cups to munch on (I only work 6 hrs) while working and they would be gone before quitting time. The when I got home if there was chocolate around say goood by to it. Anything with chocolate is mine like tripple chocolate donuts mmmmmmm.

Anne56 2010-04-09 07:23:10 -0500 Report

Thanks for the heads up, Harlan. I will be better prepared this year. They definitely got me in prior years, especially the last two. It was diabolical! A little girl came to our house in full Girl Scout uniform. She had her little (littlier) sister with her for back up. They were about the cutest little girls I have ever seen — big brown eyes, shy sweet smiles… The rest of the story is ugly. That was before I was diagnosed, so this year I plan on being strong. I may just need to close the curtains and turn off the lights!


LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2010-04-16 16:54:02 -0500 Report

They do have sugar free ones, you know. Not quite as bad. I always have to give in, and have bought them most of my life. Not too bad if you can pace yourself.

monkeymama 2010-04-30 11:10:13 -0500 Report

They don't have the sugar free ones in Wisconsin where I live. Even if they did have a sugar free GS cookie. You still wouldn't be able to get much for a low carb deal.

Dev 2010-04-07 16:26:32 -0500 Report

That is hilarious.
It may sound weird but I have never had a girl scout cookie before and never seen anybody selling them. Just heard stories and mentions of it in TV series etc. :)

runthe 2010-04-12 11:40:39 -0500 Report

Same here i had them before, but it seems that there are no girl scouts in my neighborhood.

joni55 2010-04-30 19:03:36 -0500 Report

I guess there are fewer as the years go on. No one thinks it is cool. I had to give up in high school. There were no senior troops here.

Dev 2010-04-07 16:26:19 -0500 Report

That is hilarious.
It may sound weird but I have never had a girl scout cookie before and never seen anybody selling them. Just heard stories and mentions of it in TV series etc. :)

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