baby sitting while diabetic

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my son and his girlfriend wanted me to watch there three kids while they work. both work odd shift. now knowing i have a chronic heart diseas and diabetic they both get mad at me because sometime i just don't have the strentgh now don't get me wrong i love my little ruggrats with all my heart exspecialy jasmine, now she has a twin brother who is also 4. now put those two toghter and war starts. their brother is 7 thinking he is 40. with a mouth on him by the time i get home i'm hurting. first thing comes out of his mouth is your home all day you don't anything. that doesn't mean i'm your step stool. that gets my goat my husband is the smae way he feels that dinner should be ready by the time he walks through the ain't a thing wrong with his hand. now there is an 18 yr. old stepson who feels he shouldn't do a thing. remember the commercial calgone take me a way thats how i feel some time any one else we have feelings also do i sound like i'm mad i'm this happened today. HELP!!!!!!!!

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GabbyPA 2010-03-27 18:31:45 -0500 Report

You know shorty, this is because you were feeling so free just a day ago...don't let one battle get you down.
This is one big case of learning to say "I love you, but no". Not to use your conditions as an excuse, but sit down and have a chat. Well, if I know how things go, you will need several chats. You have to take care of yourself or they won't have to around to take care of them. You gotta lay down some rules and just like with kids, you need to stick to them. It won't happen all at once and things will drift back to same old thing if you don't stay on top of it.

I have had chats with my family that have helped. We kind of fell into old habits this winter and I had a day where I really should have gone to the hospital. My husband, god love him, didn't know what was up, and when I told him he took note. The next day, he had gotten a bunch of fresh veggies for me and made me a wonderful salad. Sometimes you just have to put things in perspective. It is hard, because heart conditions and diabetes are not visible illnesses, and people forget you have it. It is up to us to remind them enough to keep us healthy and sane.

Go out and take a walk, breathe deep and relax. You will get thru it.

shorty31 2010-03-27 12:58:17 -0500 Report

to everyone you are over whelming with your support. ifeel so worm in side. i will take everyones adviceand say no. and if i want to watch them i will. i said to a few of you you feel like good old fiends you that the it should be. group hugs shoulder to lean on at time i have felt a not that was in me stomach move. i can sleep at night now. i feel at peace. i love all, you are my joy,my strentgh,mysun,andmoon allways and i thank the Lord abovefor my new found family.

Jeannie Holmes
Jeannie Holmes 2010-03-27 13:03:50 -0500 Report

Shorty, been there and done that! I went thru the same thing. You do have to put your foot down. Probably several times!!LOL Good luck to you, I know you can do it.

shorty31 2010-03-27 13:20:47 -0500 Report

you are a mess you know that i am sitting here typing and laughing with you.i tell you make my day next to have friends.

MAYS 2010-03-27 12:22:58 -0500 Report

My suggestion to you is this, you have the right to voice your opinion on anything that concerns you directly, there is a correct way in stating your opinions and concerns, with a little thought you will choose the right words to say what needs to be said.

In life we become victims most of the time because we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, we can say and accept yes, well the word no works on the same principles.

Next time state your case and your cause of concern, victimization sometimes starts with self and can also be ended by the same.
In life you have the power to help yourself.


shorty31 2010-03-27 12:34:00 -0500 Report

your right but when i do the i feel so guilty. and you know i think they act on that because they don't do that to her mother only me. so it's time for me to put my foot down and stnd ground like a rooted tree.

MAYS 2010-03-27 13:14:35 -0500 Report

You should never feel guilty for saying or standing up for what you believe in, the choice is and will always be yours to make.

shorty31 2010-03-27 13:24:25 -0500 Report

your right. i need to learn not to care how they feel to enjoy my years left i want to be a sexy senior.

Alyssa512 2010-03-27 13:15:50 -0500 Report

Ok shorty, first thing is try not to feel so guilty. You have already helped them out so much and don't be afraid to voice your opinion. it's the only way you are going to get your point across or else they will keep taking advantage of your kindness and this won't mean your less kinder, but they need to understand how you feel and why you need to take a step down and relax. you will do good, do what you said, put your foot down and stand ground like a rooted tree.

donna13 2010-03-27 12:19:12 -0500 Report

Learn to say "NO!!" Your son and his gf are responsible for these kids, not you. If you want to sit with them occaionally, that's fine. But it should be on your terms not theirs. This is probably easier said than done, but it is something you need to do. I hope you can work this out before you get really sick.

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